The Impact Of Negativity ~ Alice In Blunderland


A pessimist of the highest degree,
Meet Alice... in Blunderland!

She knew it was a joke that she shared her first name with a girl who was part of a fantasy land. It was the dark truth which hurt her. Alice Maria wouldn't fall into a magical tunnel ever, and even if she did fall, the tunnel would probably lead her to a rat's hole - cheap and dingy!

It was hard to believe that magic didn't exist. The movies lied.

After facing a difficult childhood and suffering everyday to meet the demands of her nine to five job, just when Alice thought she had had enough of life's bricks, she realized it was time for the actual bats. It was time for her to get married!

Alice had experienced enough in the past two years to believe in any phoony 'happily ever after' wedding tales. She could swear on a living cockroach that she would be pushed into the gallows once she married. Her husband was going to be a dominating son of a bachelor who would turn her life into hell.

Thanks to the hardships of poverty and the way she had been brought up in, Alice was a pessimist of the highest degree. There was no word as 'positiveness' in Alice's dictionary and her hallucinations haunted her more than her actual life problems. Such was the impact of negativity on her.

She was running....running for her life... A filthy hand grabbed her and caged her. The cage was taken to a market where hundreds of other cages were being sold. To Alice's horror, the cages were filled with women like her. They were screaming but the beasts ignored them. They were ordered to wear good clothes then they all were photographed. Their photographs were spread across the globe and men started visiting their caves to place their bids. A man inquired Alice about the dowry her father was willing to pay and the amount of gold. After another couple of questions, he announced that he liked the deal and wanted to marry her. Alice fell on his knees and thanked him for marrying her. He laughed.

The laughing grew louder. LOUDER! TING TONG!

It was the door bell. Alice sat up on her bed abruptly, realizing that it was just one of her regular terrifying dreams. She caught her breath and then went to answer the door.

A man with a warm smile and a bouquet of flowers greeted her. She ignored his face and looked at the bouquet feeling disgusted. I hate red flowers, or any flowers for that matter. Was this the same man her Dad had chosen for her as her fiance`? He is here to destroy me thought Alice.

"Hello lovely lady. I am Ryan, your fiance`." and the man gave her his best smile.

Something in his eyes just struck a chord in Alice's heart. That charming, irresistible smile of his captured her soul and for the first time in years... Alice smiled back.

Maybe magic did exist. This man was proof.
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