The Impact of A Smile


Do you believe in magic? What if I told you that it really exists?! Yes, magic does exist... in the form of a person's smile. (:

A smile is the best proven form of magic! It has the power to move mountains and build emotions in you which you never knew existed.

Smiling is one of the little joys of life, one that I really find solace in. When life goes all nasty on me, I look into the mirror and try smiling. My attempts eventually turn into me making all sorts of faces at myself and the next thing I know - I am laughing uncontrollably!

So, yes. Fake smiles work too. Just keep up the spirit and you will really have an impact on others. Fake smiles are often put up by people in the corporate world and the shocking thing is, they actually work.

If a fake smile can have an impact, just think what wonders a genuine smile can do! A smile that reaches your eyes and heart can have a stunning impact on others.

I know an amazing 29 years old person I bumped on Twitter who is a true inspiration for me. The hardships he has faced in his life will bring anyone to verge of tears but this man is so full of positiveness that he smiles in the most genuine way. His pictures will make you mistake him for the luckiest man on planet earth with the best riches of life but what the majority of people don't know is what he has gone through or going through. He inspires everyone to smile and take life as a challenge no matter what. His tweets are a total inspiration for me and whenever life throws lemons at me, I try dealing with them like this man does!

The point is, your smile has a great impact, an impact that can change your own nature towards others and other's nature towards you.

We have seen so many people fall in love just because of a person's smile. Bollywood has given us more smile oriented songs than we have ever asked for. All this shows that a smile is purely something very beautiful with a great impact.

So the cheat code of a positive life is ~ A smile! (:

Smile whenever it feels right, smile just to make others happy even if you are not feeling like doing it.
Smile at your problems and gather the courage to overcome them.
Smile at little joys life gives you whether it's a cup of coffee or your favourite flavoured ice cream.
Smile at the people who want to bring you down, keep your cool and avenge them with your success.
Smile if life's good...  and also if it is not!
Smile because your smile can have the most beautiful impact!

Keep smiling! (:

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Gif source: Anhiie//Tumblr

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