The Impact Of Your Choice Of Friends


Not everyone you call a friend is actually a friend. Some friends are enemies under a friendly mask and have the ability to give you a huge negative influence.

Choosing the right friends to stay with is very vital for your development as the wrong friends will leave your life charred and have a negative impact on your conduct and nature.

Friends tend to have a greater influence on a human than his/her own family. This is because we tend to share the darkest secrets of our lives with our friends, which we would never share with our family. There's a lot emotional connect with friends as they tend to be of the same age as yours.

Good friends have a great impact on you while friends full of negativity will lead you into being a pessimist yourself. Friends who have a goal in life and are righteous in nature will leave a beautiful impact on you. Just being with them will give you a great sense of positivty and fill your whole being with a purpose and goal of life.

Yes, it's shocking to believe that people you call your friends and chose to share your life's moments with have the power of completely changing your future, but that's true. That's reason why choosing who you spend your time with is very vital and it's important to hang around with positive minded and hard working people.

What if the friend you are spending your time with is off the tracks and going nowhere with life? That is where he is going to lead you too, especially if you are so full of his/her company that you don't realize that this person is wrong. Sometimes people are even clueless that this friend of mine is actually effecting my own nature. You often don't realize but your subconscious is adapting every thing, especially bad qualities from your friend.

It's psychologically proved that the company you keep will one hundred percent influence your own life. Unhealthy behaviors are what a human tends to grasp faster these days and that's why it's important to keep the right company.

I read an article where studies showed that the choice of your friends has an impact on everything from your good or bad grades to your career choices. 90% of youngsters start smoking/drinking by the influence of their friends.

Nowadays, this has become a very big problem as the wrong choice of company is leading to shocking results from youngsters. Most of the crimes are taking place where a group of friends are involved and some of these guilty don't have a background of doing anything bad at all. It's just that they come under the bad influence and commit crimes just for the fun of it. Sick I know.

So friends, as the old saying goes ~ "Choose your friends wisely!"

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