The Music Of Nature


Nature has its own symphony and it's by far the best one. It's the most thrilling music to ears which puts you in a trance, peps you up and gives you it's own soothing treatment.

The best thing is, Nature's music is available everywhere, you just have to go outside into the open and experience it. Unlike other forms of music, Nature's music is free of cost and available to any man and living being, irrespective of their race or gender.

It's something which gives a feeling of oneness... an example that all are one. It's the best present by the almighty and a soul proof that he the creator of it, is magnificent.

It is the chirping of birds.. The rage of the thunder.. The whistle of the night.. The tip toeing of rain droplets.. The rustle of fallen leaves.. The coo of the coo coo..  The song of the Nightingale.. The roar of the breezing wind.. and so much more.

Being born in the garden city of India, my love for the music of nature sprouted at an early age. I still remember, when I was a kid I used to always head to the park beside our home and play there. It's a huge lake side park and just the perfect paradise for a nature lover. I used to spend time there with my friends, playing different games and just sitting by the lake and listening to the ripples of water when tired. The waters have always fascinated me and I find immense peace and solace by just sitting and staring at the beautiful ripples. The amazing blend of the blue horizon with the light blue waters are enough to keep you captivated and mesmerized.

The croaking of the grass hoppers were alarms that it was getting late and I should head back home if I didn't want to be grounded. Than there was the roosting of the hens which welcomed mornings. Waking up to the Nature's alarm clock is far better than waking up to your cell phone's!

Bangalore is a place where you will be welcomed by both the music of mother nature and sound of immense vehicle horns. Wherever you live, the trick is not to be enslaved by the urban life and find yourself some me time to spend with mother nature every day.

Listening to the music of nature is one of the best ways to release stress. Something about mother nature is so welcoming that it erases a person's worries and eases his emotional pain,

Whenever I am experiencing an emotional turmoil, I simply draw back from my gadgets and take a walk in my favorite park by the lake. The results are instant. Some or the other tune of nature makes me smile and by the time I return home, there's a bounce in my step, adding to the music of nature..!

P.S: You can see more shots of this bird here :D

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