The Peppy Queen Of Fashion ~ Sonam Kapoor


While the word 'experiment' might strike people with something related to a chemical reaction, for me the first thought is ~ Sonam Kapoor.

Sonam Kapoor is a legend in herself, a woman who took fashion to new heights, giving it a peppy twist of her own. Life throws us a lot of opportunities to get famous and Sonam Kapoor embraced hers to be a successful fashion icon for not only India, but women all over the globe.

When Sonam Kapoor first starred in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie 'Saawariya', people mistook her for just another celebrity child with no potential, but Sonam proved us all wrong. What with all the criticism the film received, Sonam didn't get a warm welcome into the world of Bollywood, but she never gave up.

If there's someone who got famous for their style more than their career in acting, it's her. She evolved into the fashion icon of Bollywood from 'just a celebrity child' within a short span of time and set afire all the fashion magazines and gossip ques with the burning news of her peppy fashion.

People even blame her for starting the trend of always being stylish. In a famous interview, she herself confessed this saying that a lot of established actresses blamed her for popularizing fashion.

She is the inspiration and idol for thousands of fashion and beauty magazines/sites and the sole reason why some fashion blogs are making it big.

There's not a single style with which she hasn't experimented, this simply adds to her fame. The time when L'Oreal signed her up as their Ambassador and asked her to represent them in the Cannes Film festival is when she actually got everyone talking about her. The looks she donned on the Red carpet were something no Indian actress had ever dared to try. She looked gorgeous in all her outfits and that was when people started to look forward to every event she attended to get a sneak peak into her sense of style. She is so amazing when it comes to fashion statements. Her bold, fearless sense of style and the way she experiments with her looks - It's just amazing!
Sonam Kapoor, who is also the brand ambassador of L'Oreal, will walk the Cannes red carpet for the third time. The actress along with Aishwarya Rai and Freida Pinto (also a brand ambassador of L'Oreal) will be sporting the brand's new sunset look inspired by Bollywood's different eras, to mark 100 years of Indian cinema. (AP)
Sonam does Indian as good as she does Western and that's the reason why every bride to be is eager to try out her style. Be it a saree, a cocktail dress, an LBD or simply a plain pant and Tee, Sonam knows how to make heads turn her direction!

There's a little secret behind her tremendous success as a fashion icon which not everyone is aware of. The brains behind the beauty is actually her own little sister ~ Rhea Kapoor! It was not until Rhea Kapoor was chosen as the official stylist for Sonam Kapoor for the movie Aaisha that she came into the limelight and people started recognizing her as the power and brains behind her Celeb sister, Sonam Kapoor's success. I have written a detailed post on this. Check it out here.

What's more, this daughter of Bollywood star Anil Kapoor is also giving us stunning performances in her movies now and surprising us more by every passing minute. Let's wish more power to her! :)

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