This Valentines Day, Say NO To The Wrong Relationships


Every Valentines day doesn't have to be a lovey dovey affair. Don't find yourself occasions to feel happy. If you are in a relationship with the wrong person, it's time to put an end to it before it leaves the wrong impact on your future.

If you are in love, you will know it. The same goes to when you are NOT in love... you will know it more quicker. There's no point holding on to something which already looks fragile. If you know it's not going to work, it's time to part ways this Valentines Day!

Getting in a relationship comes with loads of responsibilities and utmost sensitivity because here emotions are concerned. When a heart opens to love, it hurts the most when there's no reciprocation.

Get into a relationship only if you can carry that burden of responsibility. Not following this rule will only hurt you and bring regret in the long run of life.

A bad relationship will just have a negative impact on you, leaving you and your loved ones charred.
When I was in my college days, one of my classmates left me and the whole college shocked by hanging herself at the age of 17, because she was in love with a guy and he did't reciprocate. How silly stupid and insanely pathetic!

Just because you are falling in love with someone, why fall out of love for yourself? Love yourself first. Never give up your dignity in the name of love... and what about your family? Couldn't you take two minutes out of your wasted life to look at the people who love you, the people who brought you up by facing millions of difficulties? Don't you love them? Then why didn't you think about what they will go through when you end your life over someone who was never destined for you?!

Life is precious. Don't take harsh decisions. Respect and pride what you are, stay positive and don't get too serious with anything before the right time as it won't have a good impact on your future. Another girl I know from school who was exceptionally beautiful and smart, while pursuing her 3rd grade Engineering, hanged herself. Guess what, she was the only child of her parents and her parents has taken a big education loan to educate her. Her mother couldn't take the trauma and got hospitalized when it happened. Isn't this the biggest sorrow one can ever give their parents?!

Getting too involved in a relationship without the bond of marriage is a red signal when deep down you know that the person you have chosen is not right for you.

So it's time to bid adieu to any such failing relationships of life before it's too late. This Valentine's day, gather up the courage to end what you feel is not going the way it should.

Love is a very precious thing. Don't waste it on the wrong people. Keep it for yourself and the people who actually matter. This Valentine's day, celebrate being single and vow to remain the same until you find your true match. Say NO to the wrong relationships which will have a bad impact!

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  1. Okay what if DIL-MIL relationship not working how to end that? Is not that confusing. :)


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