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ways to make a woman happy
Loads of people out there complain how its impossible to list how to make a woman happy. Let me tell you one thing even women don’t know what makes other women happy. Its true that every woman is different and unique and are a mystery all together. But when you think of a woman as just another human being ( with a little drama and double emotions roiling in their blood) you will get to know that its easy to make her happy and you might even figue what she wants in life!
The most joked thing a few years back on twitter was tweeple tweeting how tough a task it was to know what women wanted. I am sharing with you five fantastic ways that are not just simple but easy too ! Men and the one’s who tried figuring this out are you all ears? ;)

1)Attention, Attention & some more Attention: The key to her heart is by being attentive ! You may want to actually listen to her  when she is talking or explaining, don’t be a jerk and who nods his head while his thoughts are on other things. We might want to talk all the time , that doesn’t mean you don’t value what she says. Pay attention, to her small talk, the way she smiles, her likes, her dislikes, trust me it will help you alot in the future !. Wmen love attention and sometimes end up doing silly things to have your attention, but hey she wants your attention so you might even consider ignoring/forgiving her sillys ways to gain attention. ( It might include rigorous tweet mentions, pings, irritating 2 a whatsapp messages) Put along with that!

2)Compliments : WE LOVE LOVE LOVE EM ! :p But only those that are genuine ! There is no better way to make her smile than an unexpected compliment! Here’s where people go wrong, complimenting her eyes,her hair, her figure blah ! Its all god gifted , avoid complimenting such things. Her bestie’s do that all the time! Everyone has hair and eyes. Instead compliment her on things that she has control over: her dressing sense, her witty remarks, her positive attitude, her excellent taste in clothes, herskill or talent, her good sense of humor, etc

3)Sales : Four letter word we have immense love for is SALE ! YES YES YES ! :D 80% off sales, sales with huge discounts etc. No, you don’t have to spend or take her out shopping to make her happy. its 21st century and mind you we can  our own shopping! But you can carry our shopping bags , accompany us to malls, sit with us while we browse for shirts for you online, these small details make us immensely happy!

4) Gifts: Giving her a gift is, of course, a great way to make her happy. It doesn’t ahev to be expensive, it can be small gestures of love. A handmade card,  Pretty bangles, a photograph of hers you clicked….or best chocolates and cakes. And when you cannot afford even the little things just gift her the gift of love honey!

5)Loyalty, Equality & Respect : .The most important thing that will make her happy is when yoi treat her on equal terms, respect her and be loyal to her! Basically  treat her the way that you would expect to be treated. Always value her opinions and give her the chance to speak her mind! Remember never to demean her or insult her! Other things include not judging her, appreciating her for what she is and being honest with her!

You know there might be A five million that would make her happy but the above points I have listed are the most five important ways you can win over her heart and stay in her good books ! hence quipping up a million things in just five fantastic ways makes these points fantastico, how many of you agree? Temme !

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