20 Fantastico Love Lessons: Ways To Woo Your Valentine


20 Fantastico Love Lessons
Are you stressed about how to woo your valentine this Valentine’s day? You might have found the perfect partner who speaks the language of love but you are also afraid of misunderstandings that could pop and spoil your whole Valentine ’s Day!
It’s not important that a man should be the only one to woo the girl all the time, a woman too has to play her part well for a relationship to sustain. Men take women for granted but most of the time even a few women take men for granted.  Just because he is handsome and perfect and is gifted with cheekbones that could slice a diamond doesn't mean he isn't soulful or doesn't want a real relationship with someone. In order for a relationship to sustain on smooth grounds both should play their roles right?
Keeping the love alive with your better half isn’t always easy, but it's very much doable. It's also fun. And it's essential! Read these funny and fantastico love lessons to woo your valentine and keep the spark going…
1. Say he resembles an actor. Don't say that actor is Nana Patekar, please. KThankxBye.nana patekarvia
2. 42 missed calls= She's not in a good mood. PICK UP HER CALLS!
3. Buy her a tiara. Works every time. No matter how old she is. Hokay?gift her a tiaravia
4. She knows she has a pimple. Your pointing it out wouldn't make it better. 
5. When she asks for a break, don't give her Kit Kat.
give her a kitkat breakvia
6. When she calls you in the night, she wants to hear you, not your snores!
phone callvia
7. To sweep her off her feet, you need to bend a little, lift a little and you will totally pull it off.
sweep off
8. Look into her/his eyes. Immediate Click.
look into her eyesvia
9. Retweet her/his every tweet, even if it’s a stupid one. Or Just favorite it. ;)
10. When she asks for your card, don't hand her over your Metro card. Also don’t advertise to the whole world that you gave her your card ! Pliss !
credit card
11. Never pop the question unless she has given you enough signs of a Yes.
no marryvia
12. Giving your credit card to her for shopping is one of the many sweet gestures till the limit of the same hasn't exceeded.
13. Do: Pull the chair for her. Don't: Pull it while she's about to sit.pull chairvia
14. Do: Shop for her, don’t: Buy things from the off season sale.shop shopvia
15. Don't give up on your love. Try and try till she calls police.
16. Love is blind, not deaf! So stop screaming!screamvia
17. When she tells you something, at least pretend to listen.
18. If she buys you that pink sweater with purple embroidery, wear it. She's making sure no girl pays attention to you.pink menvia
19. Tell her/him 'You're the only one for me'. Don't say 'You're the only one for me, SO FAR'.you are the only one for mevia
20. Cook for her, and cook a little low profile. Else you'll end up being her professional chef.men cookingvia
Show how much you appreciate having him/her in your life. Not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. Also remember to not give up on someone you really love and try to win him/her back till the end !

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  1. Hahaha this was such a fun read. I love your Giphy takes dear. And for this one, point 18 & 20 simply rofled me up! :-D


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