40 Fantastico Things Women Cannot Resist!


women cannot resist
Whether you realize it or not, there’s a long list of things that we women simply cannot resist!

Women are picky and always want the best for themselves, which is why they have a tendency to always grab everything fabulous. Be it bargaining, men or shopping , they are fantastico at everything they do and every choice they make.

People often crib about not knowing what to gift a woman or what is that thing women really cannot resist. Understanding women isn't a hard thing, a woman loves all things simple and fantastico. Anything that is cute or generates happiness, women love it and cannot resist it!

Here are 40 Fantastico things women simply cannot resist :

1.. Women cannot resist free chocolates and flowers: P
2. Women love their families. They hold a special place in our heart!  She cannot resist the love showered by her loved ones! <3
3. Women cannot resist Hollywood hotties and Football Players ;)
4. Women cannot resist brands that make her feel special! Be it a pair of Christian Louboutin or Victoria Secret or even a Zuhair Murad Gown, we love it all!
5. Good morning and goodnight texts. <3 We love them! Yes!
6. Guys with motorbikes <3 Those who take extra care when we are riding along with them!
7. Birthday balloons and birthday presents! WE LOVE THEM!
8. A good blow-dry. All things pink! Foot massages. Aaaaah.
9. To be held. Yes, please.
10. She cannot resist being happy on seeing her ex growing fatter every day ;)
11. A woman cannot resist his kisses. Painkiller <3
12. We simply cannot resist splurging on makeup ! We can hoard all the beauty products on a sale and NOT feel bad about buying a product that doesn’t match our skin or something which doesnt suit us!
13. Random "I love you" text from her boyfriend/husband.
14. Small, stupid conversations with the special one. Hugging a man who smells good. Sigh.
15. Guy's sleepy voice. Cuddling with him. Irresistible!
16. Catching our favorite movie on TV! We cannot resist skipping an episode of our favorite soap operas! Be it boring romantic serials on Star plus or never ending Saas bahu sagas directed by Ekta Kapoor. We cannot resist watching them Every Day!
17. Women love rain! And falling asleep to the sound of rain is something we cannot resist <3 Being kissed in the rain!
18. Watching my mom smile <3 , every woman out there would agree that she would want this to be on repeat mode!
19. We women cannot resist smiling at strangers who smile at us :)
20. Being all cuddled up with Coffee + Book + Twitter.. And being left home alone :) YES! Irresistible!
21. We love a man that's not afraid to show his feelings and cannot resist such men ;) Being lifted off the ground during a hug.
22. Big huge teddy bears! Ha! Soft toys so big we get crushed under them !
23. We cannot resist giving a good retort to a stupid insult! :P *Hiya!*
24. Sleeping on Terrace in summers, Counting Stars, Listening to stories from Grandma. :) Aaah! So much love for this one!
25. We cannot resist going on ‘shopping mode’ on finding a product we wanted so badly at a very discounted price!
26. We simply cannot resist simple things that bring great joy! Be it Red nail polish or cute black ballerinas!
27. We cannot resist giggling during a serious discussion between friends. Lol.
28. How can a woman resist asking her mother to feed us with her own hands :')
29. Cute kitties. Awww <3
30. Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food , Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Bushra Stop, Food, More Food, Even More Food, and Food :) Ice cream treats! Burgers .Aaaah. Yummy cupcakes. Mom made gajar ka halwa .*yum yum* We want to eat anything and not gain weight. Period! (Notice something unusual in the first line? :P )
31. We girls love screaming mummyyyy on getting hurt. Hehehe. We can’t resist shouting I guess :P
32. Reassurance. Yes.
33. An unlimited shopping spree. Wheee! Well, a girl can dream, can't she?
34. God, my daddy, sweet tea, Coffee, republicans, pastries, monograms, sundresses, romance novels, pearls, long hair, & Disney movies! CANNOT RESIST THEM!
35. When men Open doors for her, walk her to her car, make her feel protected, when they act like a gentleman.
36. Respect, loyalty, honesty! We love people with these traits and cannot resist them!
37. Flowy dresses, strapless gowns, colorful skirts, Delightful sarees  <3 Love ! And DIAMONDS !
38. We love being pampered! Cannot resist flawless skin, voluminous hair and lots & lots of shoes!
39. Cannot resist rolling with our pets on the floor:'D
40. We cannot resist blogging, writing, tweeting about all the things ‘we cannot resist’ ;)

I am sure almost all women would shake their heads and agree with all the points listed above ! And for the men , take a note chaps ! Next time you want to buy something fabulous for her or want to make her feel special you’ll have lots of options to choose from !


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. Hahaha! Nice list. I totally agree. But I think every woman has some facts to add to this list.


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