5 Fantastico Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil


A few years back, I came across an article on Olive oil which left me in a state of complete shock. They had listed 1001 benefits of Olive Oil in that article. Just imagine! Olive Oil has a mention in the Holy Quran so obviously I was aware that it is an amazing oil but the fact that it had 1000+ benefits was simply fantastico and hard for me to believe!

That's when I started including Olive oil both in my beauty and health routines. When I started using it, I was quite impressed as it turned out to be more amazing than I had expected!

We always have olive oil stocked up in our house as my father is a very health conscious man and he insists on the use of Olive oil for cooking.

Here are 5 Fantastico Benefits of Olive oil which I have experienced:

1. As an effective Makeup remover:
I usually use baby oil to remove makeup but it does not act as an effective way for removing waterproof makeup. That's when I substitute it with olive oil! It not only removes all the makeup effectively but also nourishes my skin and restores its moisture. Just take few drops of olive oil and massage it on your skin. Leave it for a few minuted and wash your face with a good face wash and you are done!

2. For gorgeous nails:
Yes, this is not known to many but olive oil is a wonderful way to get gorgeous nails! I don't like growing my nails or applying nail paint on them. So basically, the only care and pampering I give my nails is a hot olive oil bath. This keeps them shiny and healthy so they look beautiful and lustrous without any artificial makeup on them! ;)

3. For lustrous locks: 
Olive oil acts as a wonderful conditioner for your hair. It keeps them healthy and shiny. I apply it on my hair ends twice a week. If I apply it directly on my scalp, it does not suit me and I get a headache so I avoid doing that. Instead, I use it in my hair masks and on my hair ends. Works very fine!

4. Makeup brush cleaner:
I clean all my brushes once a month and Olive oil is my cleaning agent for them! :D What I do is take 1/4th cup of Olive oil and soak all my makeup brushes and sponges in it. I leave them soaked overnight and then wash them with a baby shampoo and place them on a towel to dry. They look as good as new once they are dried up!

5. As an overnight face mask:
Both my Brother and I use Olive oil as a face mask. Actually what happened is when I started applying it and sleeping regularly, my complexion cleared a lot and all the pimples just disappeared. My brother noticed this and he copied used it too. :D It's a wonderful substitute for moisturizers and the best face mask you can pamper your skin with!

Do you use Olive oil for Peppy skin too? In what way do you use it? Do share! :)

BTW: One thing is nagging me thought to make a meme out of it:

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