5 Fantastico Benefits Of Almonds In Beauty


I love eating almonds and I have been a fan of them since a very young age. My Mom says that when I was a little girl, I liked almonds more than chocolates(I  find it hard to believe :P) and that I would always settle for an almond bargain if Mom wanted me to do some work.

It was not until I reached high school that I discovered the fact that my treasured almonds have amazing beauty benefits too. Dabur amla almond oil was the first ever almond product I used. It was a very interesting oil with an amazing fragrance and a very sturdy and cute packaging, unlike your regular boring plastic Parachute oil bottles. It was this oil that taught me that coconut was not the only fruit which could be used to extract oil! :P

The uses of Almonds in beauty are simply fantastico. There are not 3, 5 or 10 but 100+ uses of almonds in beauty! Thanks to their amazing benefits, they are used as an ingredient in every other beauty product today. 

Here are some of the most fantstico benefits of almonds in beauty:

1. Almonds as natural moisturizers:
Running out of your moisturizer or simply want to try a natural moisturizer which has zero chemicals? Than almonds is the answer for you! Almonds have amazing moisturizing benefits which soothe your skin and nourish it. They keep your skin hydrated. Soak almonds and mash them along with some whipped cream and tada! Your fantastico organic moisturizer is ready!

2. Almonds to Prevent ageing:
Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants which are very effective in preventing ageing. A couple of them soaked and eaten everyday can definitely keep your skin from ageing! 

3: Almonds as natural Conditioners:
Apart from acting as natural moisturizers, almonds act like natural conditioners too. The list of chemical ingredients present in our drug store conditioners is quite scary. I prefer almond paste to take care of my hair. Apply soaked and mashed almond paste on your scalp everyday and see the difference for yourself! Almonds also add shine to my tresses, and I have noticed they make my hair silky soft too. ^_^

4. Almonds to fight dark circles:
If like me you too are suffering from dark circles,  almond oil is our knight in the shining Armour! Studies have proved almond oil can keep dark circles in check. Just dab some of it on your dark circles everyday before going to bed and see the magic. It takes at least 2 to 3 weeks though for the results to show but it's definitely worth a try!

5. Almonds for glowing skin:
This is a very well known benefit of almonds and something you have heard from your Mom at least once in your life! :D Any facial mask with almonds as a main ingredient can be used to get instant glowing skin. I have tried this myself during my Sister's wedding and it does work wonders! 

As I told you before, there are at least 100+ fantastico benefits of almonds both in health and beauty so what are you waiting for? Include almonds in your daily diet NOW :)

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