5 Fantastico Footwear Options For Comfort Loving Brides


Indian weddings are not something which happen in a day, the functions range for months and by the time you are done with all the ceremonies, you are a tired mess.

I am a die hard stilettos lover but not many people know that my first priority is comfort. I can skip my stilettos and opt for a funky pair of flats if my feet demand so.

In my cousin brother's wedding which happened in Lucknow, my body went on a strike due to all the excessive activities I forced to do. On the day of the Reception, I was suffering from severe fever and body ache. I had worn heels for all the functions here which resulted in aching feet which lasted for a good one week even after the wedding.

In my own sister's wedding which happened a year back, I opted for comfortable footwear for all the functions as my previous experience with repeated wear of heels had made me wise. Can't tell you how much better my whole wedding experience was! No aching feet. No aching back. The best part, I was the life of the whole wedding, running and carrying out chores with a broad smile on my face. If I would have worn heels, I would have been forced to walk less which is NOT allowed innthe midst of all the drama of an Indian wedding! :)

There are those beauties too who wear sky high stilettos everyday and to every function, rock them and return home without a broken foot. I salute you! ^_^> But for those who don't want to compromise on comfort, read further for some fantastico tips to flaunt flats in style!

What got me thinking was when I being the 'sister of the bride/groom' was so effected by my choice of footwear, the bride herself must be facing a graver version of my trauma. So if you are bride to be who loves comfort and wants to have a little more fun at her wedding by ditching those uncomfortable pair of sky high heels, here are five fantastico footwear choices for you:

This is the BEST option for a bride and a must have because you don't have to compromise on the comfort part or the height part. Wedges are simply comfortable and effective at giving you that needed lift. Wear them with your wedding lehenga or Pheras Saree. They won't be quite visible with the length of your outfit and will make it look like you are wearing heels.

Juttis are the perfect choice for your Mehendi occasion. They have that traditional aura to them plus they are comfortable to the core. Go for embellished Rajasthani Juttis. You can wear them with your wedding Lehenga or your Sangeet and dance too . juttis for sangeet is perfect where you won't have to worry about dancing your heart out. High heels will only stop you from dancing and kill the joy out of the function.

This is not something everyone can carry off. The first bride with sneakers I saw was from the blog WedMeGood. Then when Sonam Kapoor wore them in her film "Dolly ki doli", it actually caught my attention. Wearing sneakers on your wedding is a bold move, it's like shouting out to people that 'I feel comfy in my sneakers and I am loving it!' This is something very chic and totally worth a try! :D Go for metallic coloured sneakers in a silver or gold tone, they will go best with Indian outfits. When your sneakers peep out of your wedding lehenga, the expressions on the faces of all the aunties present their will be worth a watch! *winks*

Kolhapuris are the traditional Indian footwear which is comfort at its best coupled with rustic, Boho style. Buy a funky pair to pair with your Wedding lehenga and flaunt them. A pair of Kolhapuris are a must have for those brides who will be wearing heels too. Incase something goes wrong with your heels or you just want to give your feet some fresh air, these chic Kolhapuris will come in handy! :)

My sister wore boots on her wedding day and people discuss it even today. :D Her day wedding outfit was a hot red embellished Indo-western gown which she paired with hot red, studded boots. She is a very stylish person who loves to experiment and wearing boots on her big day was a very bold move which actually worked. You can try this too! Super comfy and a simply fantastico way to garb attention without making a real effort! You can wear them on your Coacktail party too, will be a perfect replacement for those heels.

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