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If you know me well and visit my blog frequently you would already know photos are the soul of my posts. I am pretty average with my words but when it comes to photos I rigorously edit them till I am completely satisfied with the outcome. The editing I do is pretty basic , like photo merging, brightening , adding text and water marking so I use free basic photo editors and haven't tried complicated paid photo editors yet.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true. Traffic and comments on my blog posts with photos is always more than blog posts which don't have photos. Photos also beautify a blog post and when these photos are sharp, peppy and bright they attract more eye balls . 

So here I present to you my favourite editing apps/tools which help make my normal clicks look fantastico:

This app which came pre-installed with my windows 8 laptop is an absolute favourite with me. The interface is very simple and there are plenty of tools, effects and filters to try. This tool also has a collage maker, fun stickers and frames to satisfy my creative cells. I use this app mainly to watermark my photos, enhance and crop images and add text .If you are looking for a tool for basic image editing for your blog which is simple to use, this is the one!

Photo Grid:
This is a very easy to use collage maker android app. Just a few taps on my phone and beautiful collage is ready to be posted on my Instagram. There are plenty of cute backgrounds to choose from for my collage and this app also let's me make video slides. what's not to love? This app comes in very handy to merge multiple pictures before posting them on Instagram.

There is a desktop, android app and web version of Pixlr available. I mostly use Pixlr on my phone and the web version when I want to edit a photo quickly to post on my social media profiles. The Pixlr android app has a collage, photo editing and basic camera feature. The best part about this is ithas beautiful brightness controls which are scarce in other photo editing tools.

Picasa : This free software from google also connects to Picasa web albums but I prefer using this only on my my laptop to organize my photos. Picasa syncs all my photos from different folders and displays them in a single place making things easier for me. I am a lazy blogger who shoots photos and saves them on the laptop for weeks before finally editing and posting them and sometimes I forget which folder I saved photos in so this software is very helpful for me. You can make collages and do some quick editing with this tool . When I have sharp photos captured in day light, I edit with Picasa using the auto contrast and auto colour option. Quick and easy, beginners must try.

Yes. The best things in the world are the ones which have been there from a long time and I can't help agreeing to this fact when it comes to Paint.net! I use it most at and i use it for resizing my blogging images too. Really comes in handy!

At the moment, I use Fotor the most as it's simply fantastico!
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