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If you are regular on my blog and follow me on my social media channels you already know about my crazy addiction to shopping online. When shopping online I keep looking for new websites to get the best deals, discounts and offers but there some websites like flipkart to which I keep returning, all thanks to their amazing customer service and return policies.

I have been shopping from flipkart for a long time now. I remember when my first purchase on flipkart happened they sold nothing but just books. Since then flipkart has come a long way selling everything from apparel, clothing, appliances, mobiles, beauty and even furniture. More than a year back flipkart launched its exclusive paid membership service called the Flipkart First service which was priced at 500 INR per year. With the amount of shopping I do from flipkart I should have subscribed to this service instantly but its benefits did not quite lure me in and I refrained. 

When flipkart had their much publicized big billion day sale during diwali I badly regretted not being a flipkart first subscriber.  Products at amazing discounts went out of stock in matter of seconds and I ended up paying a lot of shipping charges in a bid to grab some amazing deals in a hurry. On that very day I subscribed to Flipkart First and here I present to you my fantastico experience after being subscribed for 3 months .

Fantastico reasons to subscribe to Flipkart First membership service :

1. Free shipping without minimum purchase price of 500 INR: Most of my shopping on flipkart is done with WS retail and this free shipping on orders worth any amount is a big boon for me. So now i dont have to add meaningless fillers just to take my cart value above 500. Last night a leather wallet was available at 132 INR  after 82% off and I grabbed with just a click, no worries of shipping charges  or adding stuff to my cart to make it 500 and above . Basically if you are a deal hunter like me, Flipkart first helps you grab deals in a jiffy and you save on shipping too. This is the best reason to get a Flipkart first subscription in my opinion.

2. Amazing speed of delivery: After ordering products I just cant wait for it to be delivered at my place and being a flipkart first subscriber means my products get delivered on priority! All flipkart First customers enjoy Free In-a-day Delivery meaning all my orders get delivered in a day. Flipkart ingact credits your wallet with 180 INR everytime they cant fulfil order shipment within a day. A month back I ordered 3 t-shirts priced at 200 each and flipkart was not able to deliver one t shirt on time, so i got free credits worth 180 in my wallet. How super cool is that?  Not just delivery even my returns are picked up instantly and I enjoy all this extra priority attention flipkart gives its Flipkart first customers at just 500 Per year

3. Exclusive Flipkart first day Offers : Every month flipkart  has a flipkart first day where flipkart first subscribers are given exclusive offers and deals. Offers are pretty average but Iam getting this with other benefits so no complaints. I do wish flipkart improves these exclusive offers in the future

4. Discounted Same Day Delivery : If you are someone who always orders in a hurry and wants delivery on same day Flipkart first is for you. You get your order delivered on the same day at a discounted delivery price of  70 only.

5. Priority Customer Service :  I havent had to contact customer service many times during my period as a flipkart first subscriber but on one instance I contacted them regarding a delay in my non WS retail order and the response was very prompt.

Why not to subscribe to Flipkart first :
  • If most of your shopping is done with non WS Retail sellers then a flipkart first subscription is a waste.
  • If same day delivery option isnt available on majority of items for your location even then you should skip this subscription. 
  • If you are looking to subscribe to this paid membership just to gain access to exclusive flipkart first day offers, then let me warn you, the offers arent worth the subscription fee.
Overall I feel being a flipkart first subscriber has a lot of benefitsand every flipkart user should give it a try. The best thing about this subscription is you can cancel your subscription at any time you want and your subscription fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. So go ahead give this a try and enhance your flipkart shopping experience.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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