5 Fantastico Ways To Pep Up Your Everyday Outfit


We women often find ourselves questioning as to ‘What To Wear?’ each time we are getting dressed ! Its hard to dress fashionably on daily basis, all the work, stress, household chores or family keeps women busy and has very little time left to find an answer for the above question ! So how does one end up looking flattering enough and intentionally fashionable every single time? Well follow these five simple yet fantastico style elements and you might just end up looking peppy and lively even in when you get dresses for work/ college everyday! You don’t have to buy beautiful outfits and expensive accessories to dress up fashionably everyday, for you to make an outfit feel distinctive, powerful ,and more special, you just have to have any one of the style elements from the below list ! trust e they will make you feel fabulous on everyday basis!
To add the peppy elements of your style to everyday outfits wear these striking or eye-catching accessories and follow the hair and makeup routine to stand out the most!

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are the hottest trends at present, sure to turn heads when you sport this piece of jewelry ! Just remember to go light on the outfit when you sport them. 
ear cuffs

Peppy Footwear

Peppy footwear  or what I also like to call "Smiling shoes" are in fact just an outrageously sweet pair of shoes that transform an otherwise boring outfit in to a jaw dropping look !   Be it flats, bellies in striking colors or embellished juttis they have the ability to lift your spirits  and turn a bad & awful day in a happy one!

Statement jewelry

Jewelry has the power to make or break any look ! For all the college goers and who like to have a happy go element in their outfit then the best way is to wear some unique statement jewelry ! Double or triple finger rings, box or nail rings take up your outfit to a different level ! For earrings choose between double pearls and light weight jhumkis. Or even better stack up your arm with charm bangles or an arm cuff! remember to go easy on the jewelry as huge or heavy jewelry is a complete NO for everyday wear!
statement jewellery

Hair color

Your hair is the most beautiful accessory God has bestowed us with ! Why not make them the center of attention. A bad hairstyle or haircut can bring down an outfit several notches!_20160126_161657

Interesting makeup :

Go easy on the makeup for everyday look for you don’t want to give the impression of dressed up look for outfits you don everyday! Also it is better to place and not end up looking like a clown! Cleanse, tone  and moisturize everyday to give yourself a fresh feel and then opt for highlighting one or two features of your face be it the eyes or lips. Don’t do both together. If you choose to for winged eyeliner, bold lipstick shades are a NO for everyday outfits !

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