5 Gifts Your Girl Actually Wants


There are many ways of showing you care, the most loved one among them all is being there for the person you love in their hardest times and showering them with gifts whenever you get an opportunity.

Gifting is the most effective form of wooing a girl. 80% of women will Give you a 'YES' in an answer if the way you woo her and the gift you choose for her is right.

Love is a very vital part of a man's life, something which every person craves for. It's not necessary that every person is pompous about loving someone, sometimes the most passionate lovers are those who have never let their feelings out.

Be it your Girlfriend or your Wife, show her how much you love her by giving her a gift she will remember and cherish. Why not start with this upcoming Valentine's day?! :)

Here is a list of five peppy and simply splendid gifts your Girl actually wants: 

The Gift of a compliment:
The key to a woman's heart is a compliment. Take this tip seriously boys! A compliment can move mountains and melt hearts faster than anything else can. Tell her she looks fantastico, and keep repeating every time. Compliment her smile, her voice.. anything you like about her! Make sure your compliments are genuine or she will take you for granted. Let it come from the heart.
Gift her your time:
Take a day off from work and dedicate it to woo her. Show her how much you love her by spending some valuable time with her. Watch a good movie with her or take her out on a dinner date. Go out of your way to make her smile. She will love it.

Gift her some space:
'Too clingy' is what every woman hates. Love her but don't sell your own dignity for her. Show her you are working hard for the the future of both of you. Don't get too clingy by texting her/calling her every other minute. Master the art of making her miss you. But remember to not take this overboard by ignoring her or not texting/calling her at all for a span of a week. That will give her a wrong sign that you are not interested or just want to breakup.

Gift her your Presence:
This is one gift every woman will cherish and a quality which every woman wants in her man. Be there for her whenever she is in an emotional turmoil and even if it's a simple problem or illnesses. Show her you care by playing her body guard and savior. Understand the little signs and whenever she is upset, take it as an opportunity to make her happy and win her heart!

Give her a fantastico surprise! This works best for those in a long distance relationship. Give her a surprise visit. Go visit her unannounced with a huge bouquet of flowers. Give her a bear hug while she is trying to absorb the surprise. She will LOVE it! :D Surprises are always cool and it can be in any form. You can gift her something out of the blue, take her on a sudden date or kiss her while she is not watching.. just run your imagination wild! ;)

So now you know what your girl will love. Use all these tips and make her fall for you all over again! :)

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. You have demonstrated the expressions so well girl. Lovely choice of memes and a super creative post. :)

    1. Thank you you so much dear. I am smiling right now :D

  2. these are the right thoughts on my mind! the other day I was telling my husband do not buy me gifts. I will buy them myself just give me your card. :p. On a seriuos note these things are better than money bought gifts.

    1. Hahaha! Yeah cards are always best ;) Will taunt my husband too when I have one :P Thank you :)

  3. Nice points. Well written! Thank you.


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