5 Peppy Apps I am Addicted To


I have been an android user for a long time now and simply can't stop myself from falling in love with my smartphone again and again! It just makes my life so much more easier.

Be it a game in my leisure time, a quick Selfie before heading out, a status update on Facebook, going through my witty Twitter TL when in the mood or simply a good video from Youtube when I am bored, I find myself reaching out to my phone every single minute. There has been so much development in the world of technology today that it's impossible to imagine life without it. My smartphone is my favorite gadget.

iPhone is just not for me as I am a down to earth careless person who keeps dropping her phone and likes to use it without any covers/screen guards. Plus, I just don't have the energy to take care of an expensive phone 24/7. I hate the idea of paying for an app too and that's the reason I am a true android lover .

I have used android phones from Samsung, Motorola, Sony and Asus. Currently I am using the Flipkart exclusive  MotoG which is very near and dear to me. ^_^ My nephew threw it from the first floor and it was still intact in one piece (there were no protection covers or screen guards) isn't that simply cool?!! :D

There are thousands of free apps in the android market today. Here are five peppy ones which I am deeply addicted to:

This app is my Bae. I am with it whenever I am free or feeling lazy(which is always) and I kiss good bye to it at 2:00 AM in the night, when I can't keep my eyes open anymore. It's an app which every book lover should have. It's freaking amazing and SO MUCH better than the Amazon Kindle app! There are so many superb books by young authors from all around the globe available for FREE to read on this app!

Let me tell you a secret: I stopped buying books ever since I installed this app. It is so freaking amazing! Will do a post on my favourite books on Wattpad soon.

Another Bae who helps me vent out my anger and takes care of my mood swings. *sigh*.  I really love Twitter a lot, as I love reading humour and following the right people on Twitter will ensure there's not a single dull moment in your life! :D

I am sure every one loves this app as much as me. They say the best things in the world are free and I am so glad that Whatsapp is free! :D It helps me connect with my family and friends and have conversations with them instantly. Such a blessing!

Click! Click! Click! ;) Everywhere I go, my phone goes with me and everything I click on my phone goes into my Instagram account! :D I have found some amazing friends on Instagram who post lovely pictures and this app keeps the photographer in me very happy!

Temple Run 2:
First I was addicted to 'Candy crush' but then I started receiving too many candy crush requests from friends and was so annoyed that I uninstalled it. Temple Run 1 is a basic game while Temple Run 2 is a better version of it!! I am SO addicted to this game!! I have completed ALL the stages and still play it to complete the daily/weekly challenges. I have 900+ gems which I collected in this game. Quite a millionaire ;) This is a lovely game really. Wish they could add more stages and backgrounds to it!

So these are the 5 peppy apps I am addicted to! Are you addicted to one of these too? 

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. From your list, I am only using 2 apps - Whatsapp and Temple Run 2.

  2. from your list I am only using app 1 , Whatsuapp

  3. Instagram and whatsapp best app ever,

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  6. You can add Pub-G and Call of Duty in these days��


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