5 Peppy Clutches Every Bride To Be Should Own


Weddings have a very special aura to them. I personally love the wedding season as it's that time of the year when I get to doll up the most and... FOOD! *winks* But to be truthful, I enjoy dolling up more than food *confesses*

I am a shopaholic and the only time I get to put everything I buy into use the most is during weddings and having attended so many weddings I must say that a clutch is the peppiest accessory which a bride to be should totally invest on!

Clutches are a very important accessory which can instantly pep up your bridal look. They give your outfit a statement look and make you stand out of the crowd. I am a clutch lover in and out and have quite a collection of clutches now, thanks to all the weddings in my family which gave me a reason to shop.

Here are 5 peppy clutches every bride to be should own:

Traditional Potli Clutch:
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Potlis are a rage among Bollywood celebrities. These are the clutches which go very well with ethnic wear, especially sarees and Lehengas. They have the peppy old world charm to them which makes them simply irresistible! I own a pink potli with delicate pearl work which I love to don at every other traditional occasion. If you are a bride to be, go buy yourself a peppy potli asap!

Embellished clutches:
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Bling and sparkle are a must for every wedding and an embellished clutch is a total must have for every bride to be. Buy one in gold colour so that you can wear it on all your gold toned outfits. It will go well with all your gold jewelry too. Most embellished clutches are not spacey enough so before buying make sure that at least your smartphone and a lipstick fits into your embellished clutch. I have lost my phone a lot of times during weddings and mind you, I was not even the bride!! One lipstick you should definitely keep in your clutch for those quick touch ups, you are the bride after all! Buy one in silver too to go with all your silver toned outfits. If you have the gold and silver basics, half of your wedding ordeal is simplified!

Box clutch:
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Box clutches are my personal favourite! The first ever box clutch I got my hands was a freaking Satya Paul magenta classic which I totally adore. Box clutches are a must have as they are sturdy and ensure that whatever you keep in them stays intact. They are the best accessory you can wear on your wedding day or any other bridal or formal function. They give you a better grip and are more eye catchy because of their peppy uniqueness. A total must buy I say!

Velvet clutch:
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Velvet is something which defines elegancegivng a rich feel. Every bride to be must own a velvet clutch for making an elegant and peppy statement. These velvet designer beauties have been spotted at many celebrity bollywood weddings too, more reasons to flaunt them!

Leather clutch:
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YES! A sexy red or black leather clutch is something a bride-to-be should totally own for all those western themed functions of her wedding like the Cocktail party, Youngsters party and most importantly - your honeymoon! ;) The one above is from Allen Solly. The picture has not done justice to it. It's peppier in reality!

If you are a bride to be, you should totally make all these peppy clutches yours like NOW!

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