5 Peppy Fashion Trends Which Have Made A Come Back


Fashion is one thing which keeps evolving rapidly. We see trends from the past come back to life in the world of fashion every other day. What was old once becomes the new IN thing and we have women gushing over these trends and embracing them with zest.

The best example of one such fashion trend of India which came from the Mughal Era and received huge attention is the 'Anarkali' trend. It is one outfit which arose from the past and is rage among women today. It's a style which every woman owns today and is simply loved by all.

This trend from the Mughal era was brought into the limelight in the movie 'MughleAzam' where the lead actress who played the role of 'Anarkali' wore them. The 'anarkali' style of clothing was named after Anarkali, the famous courtesan of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court. This peppy trend has never been a fail and has only evolved with time.

When trends from the past come back to life, the credit goes to the different designers and film makers who are the sole inspiration for bringing back these peppy trends.

Let's have a look at the 5 Peppiest Fashion trends which are from the 70s and 80s and have made a come back:


Dungarees is one trend which came from the past and is a rage among women today. These screams comfort and peppy at the same time. In the olden days, people used the front pockets to store rocks and other stuff in them. In the modern day, the pockets are used to store cell phones and other urban needs.

The Aztec Prints: 
This is one trend which is ancient yet has a vibrant modern aura to it. It's not known to all that the Aztec trend has come from the past, i.e 14th century. It is a trend from the Central Mexico and is a rage among women from all over the world. These designs are simply very peppy and a must have in every woman's wardrobe. They are best for Spring and can be worn on any other season too. Aztec prints are one of the most vibrant trends today and I simply can't get enough of them!


This trend is no doubt here to stay. I own around 20 Anarkali suits and still can't get enough of them. They are simply superb, comfortable and peppy to be resisted. They are your GO-TO option on weddings, traditional functions, festivals and even every day wear! I simply love this trend!

Crop Tops:

What if I told you that the crop top trend was first worn by men? Yes. That's right. The crop top trend is a gift from the sports industry. It was worn by men in the 1970s in American football. This trend was later embraced by rappers and musicians in the 1980s. Eventually, this trend was picked up by women and has come back to life today. It is a sexy trend which I find to be totally Peppy! You get to show a little skin and yet leave so so much for the imagination. It's playful and fun.

Matching separates:
This is one of the most recent trend to have made a comeback. Indian Moms will totally love this trend. :D No more separates in different prints, it's the matchy trend back again. This trend has been embraced by a lot of celebrities too.

Which of these fashion comebacks from the past do you find to be the peppiest?

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  1. What a lovely dresses.. This post is very nice for me. I love lehenga and gown. Thanks for sharing with us. You have written very well with images.

  2. Nice Post.. I like this differece of Old and New fashion. Thank you for share it.

  3. Nice post with nice images..

  4. Good Post. Its a great Infomation about Old and New fashion. thanks for your knowledge....

  5. Yes, No doubt anarkali suits are one of the best fashion trends which have made a fabulous come back and popular among youth.

  6. Agreed, Fashion is like marry-go-round. The Traditional kali style frock's is back in fashion. It has become popular around the globe. All credit goes to Top level's designers.


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