5 Peppy Ways To Accessorize Your Plain Saree


Sarees are the iconic traditional Indian garment with endless style possibilities. You can wear them on any occasion, if you know how to style it right!

The first saree I ever wore was a stunning blue and beige one on my graduation day. the colour code was blue and it was the first time I and many of my friends were wearing a saree. As those were our teen age days, none of us were pros in fashion and styled our sarees with whatever we could think of. The result? Ah! Of course we looked gorgeous! We were fashion designers and bloggers in the making remember? *puts on sunglasses*

I love sarees. Be it printed, embellished or even plain ones, they have something very unique to them. The plain sarees are most preferred by me because like a blank canvas they present me with several ways to experiment with my look. The key to rock a plain saree is accessorizing it well.

Here are five peppy ways in which you can accessorize your plain saree. These accessories are unique and something you might not have tried yet:

Hand harness:
Hand harnesses are the new IN thing which you can pair with both your ethnic and western outfits. I totally love hand harnesses and embrace every opportunity to wear them. They are simply peppy and eye catchy. On my sister's wedding, I had styled my Lehenga Anarkali outfit with a hand harness and everyone kept staring at me. I was blushing uncontrollably when many of my friends and relatives complimented me. :D This will fare well in pepping up a plain saree, it'll give that much needed oomph.

Pearl Jewels:
Pearl jewelry has always been very flattering. It can turn any outfit into a classy and peppy one. Pearls looks beautiful on both ethnic and Indian wear. Accessorise your plain sraee with pearl jewels(fake pearls look great too :D) the way Sonam has in the above picture. I love pearl jewelry and pair it with all my outfits. So peppy with a vintage vibthis

Kamar bund aka Waist chains:
This is an age old traditional accessory which is simply sexy and looks gorgeous. Kamar bunds or waist chains look best with plain sarees. Choose a contrasting coloured kamar bund for your saree and wear it below your belly for a peppy and sensous look.

Juda pin earrings:
After the movie Devdas released, I fell in love with the peppy accessories Aishwarya Roy Bacchan wore in that movie. One of those peppy accessories was the juda pin earrings. They look fabulous on sarees and this is something which your plain saree totally needs!

Single Feather Ear Cuff:
Ear cuffs are a rage today and you shouldn't be afraid to wear an ear cuff in a single ear. Choose a flowy feather ear cuff in a contrasting colour and flaunt it away! It'll give you a peppy and fun look!

Arm Cuff:
Arm cuffs are another piece of traditional jewelry which is super peppy. They look best when paired with cup sleeve and puffed sleeve blouses. An arm cuff will add bling to your plain saree, giving it an elegant look. Go for modernised fusion arm cuffs for a youthful look.

I love potlis. They are super cute and something which not everyone can carry off easily. I have one in pink and which I wore at my sister's mehendi ceremony. Potlis are totally cute and they will definitely add to the beauty of a plain saree! :)

All of these a peppy options and can give your otherwise plain saree an irresistible elegant touch. 

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  1. Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends....


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