5 Peppy Ways To Style Your Black Jacket


Winters are in full swing and even a city like Bangalore is not missing the cold beats. The other day I woke up and didn't want to get out of my blanket at all. It took half an hour plus the amazing aroma of Pakodas made by my mom and coffee to help me stir a bit. When my Mom finally threatened to kick me.. that's when I finally got my lazy butt into motion.

Bangalore's winters are quite tricky. One moment it is so cold that you feel you are gonna freeze, but just few hours after that, the sun is out, bright and shining.

Jackets are a wardrobe staple for winters. I style them with whatever I am wearing and when it starts getting a bit warm, all I have to do is take my jacket off and get it back on while riding back home.

Jackets are a must have not just for winters but any other season too! They just have that amazing peppy vibe and comfort to it which should not be missed. I grab my jacket whenever I go out and styling it in different ways each time is too much fun.

Here are 5 peppy ways to style your black jacket:

Pair With Knee High Boots:
Boots go very well with jackets. They give you that classy and bold look when paired with a jacket which is totally peppy. They are perfect for winters when you want to stay warm yet look fashionable.

Style with the LBD:
Little black dresses goes very well with jackets . Pairing your jacket with the LBD is a perfect way to give your plain LBD a peppy twist. Leave your hair down and wear sky high heels for added effect. It gives you a very sexy look.

With Cow Boy hat:
Cow boy hats scream PEPPY and they look absolutely gorgeous when styled with a black jacket! Choose a tan cow boy hat or any colour which is light and elegant. This look is perfect for Spring and winters. Wear shades to add extra oomph to this look!

Knot it Around your waist:

This is my personal favourtie. I used t do this a lot during my high school. Whenever the temperature went up, I used to tie up my school jacket into a knot around my waist. This looks uber stylish, plus, you won't have to carry your jacket in your hand where ever you go. Finish this look with ankle length boots and blue jeans for a cool chic aura.

Style with a shirt around waist:

This is the peppiest way to style a jacket! I totally love this way where one contrasting coloured shirt is tied around the waist and the jacket is worn on top of it. Accessorize this look with a chic sling and you are good to go!

Which of these styles do you love? Don't forget to to make use of these peppy ways the next time you are wearing your jacket!

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