5 Ways To Use Baby Oil


It's Winter, that time of the year when your skin needs a lot of care. I normally don't follow any skin care routines on any other seasons but Winters are entirely a different story. If I leave my skin unattended for even a day during winter, it cracks up and throws all sorts of problems at me. So, winters are when not only your hair, skin but your entire body needs a lot of care.

I strictly avoid use of harsh chemicals on my skin during winters. I have super sensitive skin which is not happy with makeup and the slightest of irritations can cause it to go red and breakout. So I always avoid makeup especially during winters except for any big occasion like a wedding or a day out with family. That's the reason I always prefer natural or organic makeup and love brands like Lotus Herbals and Nature's Co.

One of my very favourite mild product and everyday staple is Baby oil. I find myself reaching for it every other time . It is very versatile product and has many uses.

Here are the 5 fantastico ways I use baby oil in my beauty routine:

1.Use it as a makeup remover:
It's the most mild and best loved makeup remover among chemically free products loving women. I first read about using Baby Oil as a make up remover on an Indian beauty Blog and started using it ever since. It's very mild and doesn't affect your skin like the other harsh make up removers in the market. The best thing is, you can even remove harsh eye makeup  n mascara with it effectively, without straining your eyes.

2.Use it while shaving and after hair removal to soothe skin:
Say goodbye to all those expensive pre-shave creams. Now all you need to soothe your skin is baby oil! Apply it before shaving to enhance the hair removal and keep your skin nourished. You can use it after applying hair removal creams too. It will act as wonderful soothing and nourishing agent.

3.Use it as a hair oil for frizzy hair:
Yes, it perfectly does what oils do so next time your hair is all frizzy and needs care, nourish it with baby oil. Just remember not to apply it directly but use a tissue paper or cotton to do so as it will get all slick and sticky if  applied by hands.

4.Use it as an Under eye gel:
Another way you can use baby oil as is as an effective under eye gel to soothe your eyes and ease the dark circles. Just take a few drops and dab it under your eyes using cotton. Massage the area for a minute or two and remove the excess oil using a tissue or cotton.

5.Use it to clean your makeup brushes:
Makeup brushes need cleansing to keep them hygienic. You should clean them once every week or depending on how often you use them. Make up brushes usually go all stiff and dry after a single wash, that's when baby oil comes into the picture. Use baby oil to nourish your makeup brushes before giving them a wash to keep their softness intact.

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