5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter


Winter is here and your skin requires additional pampering this season . Bangalore isn't as cold as many other parts of the country, but I can definitely feel the chill especially in the evenings and mornings.
I have been battling flaky skin and chapped lips too but that is a rant I will save for another day. A few days back it rained in the Bangalore city and it was so cold outside. I love rain. I decided to go for a walk with my nephew, there on the road I spotted a girl wearing a tank and shorts playing badminton. *yeah true* Here I was freezing with layers on and this girl was actually moving around like she was lounging on the beach. Girls may want to  brave the cold  in the name of fashion but I am not one of those. Today, I am going to talk about staying stylish without compromising on the warmth this winter. I have discovered some simple tricks to stay warm and fashionable and I am going to share these fantastico secrets with you here. :)

Layer it on: I love layering my outfits and winter is the best time to try it. playing with prints, fabrics and colours is fun and you should definitely give this a try instead of opting for a fat jacket or sweater. Layer a sweater or blazer over tank top and add a scarf too. If needed add a fluffy long fur coat for more style and warmth. Layering is a tricky game and can make you look bulky so take extra care and don't go in for clashing prints or fabrics.

Thermal inners: These days you get thermal leggings and heat gen vests which are super thin and hide under your outfits . These thermals keep you warm without looking bulky.  every girl should get atleast one pair of these. Play it smart and opt for thermals with deep necklines 

Hat it cute: your head and ears need warmth too so, dress your head in cute beanies or hats while you leave your hair flying open underneath. Super stylish and fun. you can even opt for quirky bright scarves to cover your head

Scarves and gloves are the way to go: Scarves add an interesting twist to any outfit and they help keeping you warm too. Choose silk scarves which give a rich feel to your look. Wear gloves when the cold gets too much. go for gloves in leather or you can even go ahead and layer your gloves. Just wear thin gloves under thick woolen ones and remove the thick ones when you need to use touchscreen on your phone or when you enter  indoors.

Boots are the way to go: prevent your feet from freezing and flaunt your boots away like a diva. If  you don't have a pair of boots then its the right time to grab a pair and experiment. There are a lot of options and discounts available online and i just brought a pair of red boots from the brand Do Bhai at a fabulous discount and I am flaunting them like a boss. Both comfy and stylish. If you live in north India where the cold gets unbearable, go for over the knee boots.

So which of these fantastico tips are you trying to stay warm and peppy this winter?

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