5 Ways To Pep Up Your Kanjeevaram Saree


Kanjeevarm sarees are very common in the south, it's something you'll always spot in a wedding or any other traditional function here. Gone are the days when it was worn only by aged women. Today, women of all ages love to don this beautiful six yards of pure silk.

However, I have seen many of them who wear a Kanjeevaram saree not being able to carry it well as they don't know how to style it right. The key to a gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree look is styling it right as the wrong choice of accessories can make you look aged also failing to bring out the peppy beauty of this wonderful saree!

Being born and brought up in South India, I have been to many weddings and other functions where several women like to show off their latest Kanjeevaram saree swag. Recently I had been to my neighbour's traditional Hindu wedding function where the Bride wore a Kanjeevaram which cost around 1.5 Lakh. The saree was quite a buzz in the wedding but it failed to impress me as it had been styled in the worst manner which made the Bride look aged and didn't bring out the beauty of this saree or the bride at all. That's when I knew how important it's to style it right!

So, are you planning to wear a Kanjeevaram? Here are five peppy ways in which you can style it and TOTALLY rock it! Use these tips to make sure all those eyes are fixed on you!:

Kanjeevaram with a statement Necklace:
Statement necklaces can instantly glam up any outfit, more so if it's a traditional one! Go for a statement and daring necklace and let it be the sole strength of your saree look. Go easy on other accessories and make sure it's just your saree and the statement necklace in the limelight! This will give your Kanjeevaram a total rock chic look!

Kanjeevaram with a belt:
Belts are the new IN thing which have the power to add that extra glam to your saree. Choose a contrasting coloured belt to go with your Kanjeevaram saree and flaunt it like Sania Mirza does in the above picture. Belts are a very peppy accessory, make good use of them!

Kanjeevaram with flowers/Mogra:
I feel no saree look is complete without some beautiful Mogra flowers hanging from your braids. This is very peppy and gives a fresh and traditional aura to your look. You can style your hair and add mogra to your bun or simply let them loose like in the pic above. So peppy and fun!

Kanjeevaram with a Matha Patti:
Yet another winner of a look! Matha pattis are a rage among brides today. A beautiful one styled with your Kanjeevram will look simply irresistible! Skip the necklace and the let all the focus be on your trendy matha patti!

Kanjeevaram with a Nath/Nose ring:
I LOVE nose rings! ^_^ I got my nose pierced six months back and I am LOVING it! I was very sceptical about it but now that I have done the deed, I can say that it was a very good addition to my fashion mantra! :D . If you haven't pierced your nose, don't worry, there are a lot of artificial nose rings available in the market which dontbrequire piercing . Style one with your Kanjeevaram to steal the show! Let it be a big, gorgeous and antique piece which goes well with your Kanjeevaram saree.

Remember that the trick is to try something daring which isnt ordinary and carry it with grace. Don't be afraid to try new styles. Experimenting is a good thing!
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