6 Gift Ideas For Your Techie Girl


Love is in the air and everyone who is in a relationship or *ehm* is close to getting into a relationship has started hunting the perfect gift for their love interests. *If you have not yet then please break up*

Gifting is one of the most interesting parts of Valentine's day or any other day for that matter! The joy just doubles up when you are the receiver and someone else is the giver. But however, there are some people, gifting whom makes you more happy then receiving their gifts. A certain joy fills up your whole heart when that special one opens up your gift and exclaims that he/she loves it.

I love gifting my loved ones. It makes me really happy. I know some good ideas for gifting men as I have had practice of gifting my brother too often. When it comes to gifting women like my sisters or my Mum, there are zillions of choices, but one of my Bestie is too techie and every gift idea falls short for her.

She is really one of her kind who hates pink, red roses and God knows what all! But she is fabulous as she is and I take it as a challenge to find the perfect gift for her techie liking, whenever the occasion demands!

I thought of compiling a post on what gifts can be give to techie and more 'I-hate-pink' kind of women like her and here I am! :D Just because she's too techie, doesn't mean you should skip on her Valentine's day gift! Here are six peppy gifts which your techie girl will TOTALLY love!

USB Heart Pendant:
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It's the most peppy gift you can give a tech loving girl! I received one as a gift from my sister and I have lover it ever since. The one I have is SO cute in silver with half of the heart studded in imitation diamonds and the other half smooth and silky. Both halves are attached to a chain and join with the USB closure. It's a simply lovely gift! She can wear it as a pendant and use it as a Pendrive whenever she wants.

Cell Phone:
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Cell phones can never grow old for gifting. Not necessary that the only gift worthy phone is an iPhone. Not at all. Many brands like ASUS are launching such amazing budget friendly phones which your girl won't be able to resist!

iPad Mini:

Don't know whether an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an iPad as a gift definitely keeps the fights in your relationship at bay! Any techie girl will love an iPad for a gift more than a precious ring/bracelet.

Smart Watch:

Nowadays, everyone's a fitness freak, especially women. Smart watches are the new cool. Gift her one and watch her falling for you all over again!

Amazon Kindle:

Techies are bookies too. NO one says no to a kindle! If cell phone's not a choice for you than go for this!

Gadget Skins:
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Women like to experiment with everything, be it their own clothes or the clothes of their gadgets! This is the most budget friendly gift. Gift her peppy gadget skins. There are even custom made options available today on many websites. :)

Other gifting options for techie woman are headphones, cute shaped power banks, bluetooths and the list goes on! :)

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  1. The cell phone or ipad mini works for me. :)

  2. Well, thanks a lot for sharing the gift ideas for her. I came across your post and found it very informative.

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