6 Peppy Accessories That Will Make You A Show Stopper At Any Wedding


6 Peppy Accessories That Will Make You A Show Stopper At Any Wedding
Who doesn’t love BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDINGS? Its so much fun dressing up , dancing to the peppy music, great food and of course all the compliments ! *Mega sigh* I have seen many people skip attending a wedding just because they cannot face all the relatives chit-chat or simply because they don’t have the right thing to wear!

Every time someone drops by my home to invite my family for a wedding I am all happy from inside :P Well firstly because I get to have the best Indian food and secondly because another reason to dress up! Yay! Girls love dressing up, be it applying makeup or draping a saree, we love everything to do with looking good when we attend a wedding! Who wouldn’t want to look fantastico and have all the obnoxious aunties stare at them at a wedding ? *wink wink*

If a wedding is to take place, I have all the things decided up a week before. The dress, the accessories and the makeup, everything ready beforehand. It is good to play safe as we will be meeting a lot of people at a wedding and you don’t want to turn up wearing something you are not comfortable with (slipping pallu, low cut blouses, safety pin secured lehenga! Phew!)

Finding the perfect outfit is only half of the battle. One also needs the perfect peppy accessories that will make their ensemble go from ordinary to extraordinary! Don’t we all want that *STARE* moment when people gape at you at a wedding? No, its not like you are there to snatch the limelight away from the would be bride but when you step into a wedding hall, you want everybody to know you are here for some fun and food and NO one can mess around you! In that case you must dress fantastico and put in a little effort to look your best!
Accessories play a vital role in taking your look to a whole new level! It is important to understand the do’s and don’ts while dressing up for a wedding. And even more important thing is to choose the perfect set of accessories that will leave you looking like a princess! These peppy showstopper accessories step out of the mainstream and will make your outfit pop with individuality and style and will make you the star of the evening!

Listing down the six most peppy accessories every woman should invest in which in turn will turn her into a show stopper at every wedding she attends!

1.Beautiful Bangles : 

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My grandma always complains when see sees me or my mom attend a wedding without bangles . It is believed to be a tradition thing to wear bangles to a wedding. Tradition or not I love stacking up this peppy accessory on my hands when I am off to a wedding ! In fact I believe ethnic wear looks incomplete without bangles! Time to invest in buying more of this beautiful accessory !

2.Floral accessories

Using real flowers to accessorize is one thing which is back in trend! From Bollywood actresses to famous celebs from all over the world have been spotted wearing floral jewelry! If you want to dress little different, you can go the flower route!

3.Statement Shoes

Your shoes don’t have to match your outfit and remember to NEVER pick shoes which are uncomfortable for a wedding because at the end of the evening you’ll be crying in pain with all the blisters you get due to several hours of standing and rigorous walking at a wedding! The perfect pair of statement shoes can make  your look fantastico !

4.Sparkling Jewelry:

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The best way to add sparkle to the simplest of simple attire is to wear sparkling jewelry along with it! At a wedding you’ll have a lot of competition and you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to donning the best trending jewelry.

5. Magnificent mang tika

Its not very often you spot someone sporting a maang tika at a wedding other than the bride or the bride’s sisters. Don’t shy away from trying out a mang tika, it’s the one thing that will set you apart from the others! Plus you have a lot of options to choose from!

6. Hot Clutch/Bag

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This is the most important and one accessory that will complete your whole wedding look and make others present at the wedding mouth a ‘FANTASTICO’ when they catch your first glimpse! Try a potli or a studded clutch or best if you are super rich then try the minaudière !

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