6 Peppy Ways To Style Your LBD!


LBDs or Little Black Dresses are a must have in every woman's wardrobe, thanks to their versatility. They are your perfect go-to option when you are in a hurry and not able to decide what to wear.

I am struck with the 'A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear' situation every other day, and at such times, my LBDs come to my rescue.

The trick to looking good in whatever you wear is styling it right. We have seen so many situations where women wear expensive clothing yet don't look good, and on the other hand some women manage to look peppy and gorgeous even in their night pajamas!

LBDs are worn by every other women. What effort are you putting into your LBD to look different and gorgeous at the same time? Ask yourself. Accessorizing well is the key to turning your otherwise normal LBD into a striking beauty which is quite the talk wherever you go.

Here are my five fantastico tips to style the LBD in a peppy way:
1.LBD with a Cape:
Capes are the latest rage and something which I am loving the most at present. Every woman should own a floral cape. You can pair it with both your ethnic and western outfits. Capes on LBDs look super chic. It's the latest fashion which isnt embraced by all yet, so you'll have all the eyes on you!

2.LBD With Knee length Boots: 
Boots have the power to turn your otherwise normal LBD into a totally irresistible and sexy one. Accesorize your Little Black Dress with a sexy pair of tan or jet black knee length boots. Add a statement ring to this and skip any other accessory. Leave your hair loose in a messy way and go steal those hearts with red lips! ;)

3.LBD with a Printed scarf or Pashmina:
Scarfs can instantly pep up any outfit. Wrap a scarf on your LBD, there are several chic ways to do the wrap. You can also wrap a Pashmina around your shoulders for added volume. Let the scarf or Pashmina be the pop of colour to your LBD.

4.LBD with a long jacket:
Jackets are my personal favourite. Sadly, I don't get to wear them a lot in Bangalore's perfect weather. :P I still wear them wherever and whenever I can, especially with an LBD. It gives that Hollywood movie feel ;) Let the jacket be longer than your LBD or a tiny one which covers only your chest. This will take your LBDs peppy level to new heights!

5.LBD with ear cuffs and statement neck pieces:
Earcuffs are my first option when it comes to accessorizing western outfits. Double pearls and huge trendy ear cuffs will go very well with your LBD! The same goes to statement neck pieces! Choose colourful and statement neck pieces to go with your LBD. This will give your LBD a peppy touch of colour and style.

6.LBD with gloves:
Gloves have a royal charm to them and can give an elegant touch to any outfit. Pair them with your LBD for a sexy look. They will look best on sleeveless LBDs!

So next time you are wearing an LBD, remember to use these tips to give it a peppy finish! :)

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