65 Fantastico Things Only an Indian Mom Can Do


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Haven’t we known it all along? Our mothers are not the same as us, they are superheroes who can do just about anything! Indian Mothers are a bit more unique when compared to the other moms around the globe, as they are famed to get melodramatic at times! :P

There’s no doubt mothers in India are a little over the top in showing their emotions; be it love or joy or anger. They’re adorably over-protective; fiercely hold on to age-old traditions and cultures. It’s either their way or no way. There is something about Indian moms. They are a phenomenon and their ability to the most of the incredible things makes them FANTASTICO !

Here’s a short brief on Indian moms and the amazing things which make them Fantastico and better than the others.
50 Fantastico things Indian Moms excel at doing:

1) Only a mom can tell you when you are having fever.. She is thermometer personified..
2) Only a mom can drape our Saree’s perfectly:-D
3) Only a mom can open that door at 6:30 am to the car saaf karne wala bhaiya!!
4) Only a mom can treat all her kids with equal amounts of love and never run out till her last breath!
5) Only a mom can blame your messed up life on your messy hairstyle.
6) Only a mom can find things in your room, within 2 minutes.
7) Only a mom can understand what is going in your mind, without you having to say it.
8) Only a mom can see our real face behind all those pretensions we wear.
9) Only a mom can cool garam garam rotis for you. The ones that you think taste the best. *.*
10) Only a mom can bring out the best in you during the worst situations..
11) Only a mom can provide her lap as a pillow for us. ^_^
12) Only a mom can understand my silence.
13) Only a mom can see that there's a hero in you. :) ONLY YOUR MOM.
14) Only a mom can give away her pallu or 'chunni' to wipe your running nose with: D . Awww
15) Only a mom can know if you've smoked and come, even when you've sprayed an entire bottle of perfume on you.
16) Only a mom can find that other sock.
17) Only a mom can call me pretty & beautiful even when I’m looking like a circus clown!
18) Only a mom can beat the crap outta you and then come rushing back to wipe your tears
19) Only a mom can add that extra dash of ghee into my food because she loves more than anyone else:D
20) Only a mom can easily figure out when you’ve smoked:-/ All mints and sprays have an epic fail!
21) Only a mom can work all day & still manage to look pretty & demure! :D
22) Only a mom can create a Facebook profile to stalk me and my social life :-)
23) Only a mom can dump my entire closet on the floor to get me down to cleaning my room: D
24) Only a mom can make sure I have the sunscreen and umbrella while herself standing in the sun during my university admissions!
25) Only a mom can add the best tadka on the dal she makes. :D
26) Only a mom can convince you eating that oily food by saying " Arey isse koi mota ni hota"..lol
27) Only a mom can taste the food you've cooked no matter how horrible it tastes.
28) Only a mom can forgive all the massive blunders you have committed.
29) Only a mom can bring me a aspirin if I ask her to bring my ‘tablet' from my bedroom: D
30) Only a mom can turn everything into gold. Such is her Midas touch! :D
31) Only a mom can blame everything else in this world but you for your mistakes.
32) Only a mom can make your nick name sound sweet. Be it Montu or paplu , she does it !
33) Only a mom can speak your mind. Always.
34) Only a mom can serve you unlimited food. ‘ Inni dubli hogayi hai!’
35) Only a mom can save you once your dad loses his temper. :-P
36) Only a mom can Care like a doctor, Advice like a counselor, enjoy with us like best friend.
37) Only a mom can serve that last chapatti left, to you and make you believe that she's full.
38) Only a mom can And will wave from the balcony each and every day as you leave for school
39) Only a mom can want to see your children and grandchildren and grand Grand children.
40) Only a mom can visit temples and wish the best for us and our future.
41) Only a mom can force you to apply all homemade products on your face to make you look more beautiful.
42) Only a mom can run her fingers through your hair and put you to sleep.
43) Only a mom can run behind you to feed you food. YES YES YES ! Love you MOM !
44) Only a mom can force you to eat tons of Aaloo parathas. *Nahiiiiii*
45) Only a mom can wash those stinking socks of yours. Even your wifey won't! :-D
46) Only a mom can be your true friend and critic at the same time.
47) Alarm clocks fail, but Only a mom can manage waking you up.
48) Only a mom can call you skinny when you weight 100 + Kg’s.. Inna sookh gayi hai!!
49) Only a mom can forgive you. Always.
50) Only a mom can make my room look like a live-able place!
51) Only a mom can cry and feel our pain when we are in pain
52) Only a mom can be the best CID ever!
53) Only a mom can teach me knowledge that is not found in books.
54) Only a mom can your Aarti with jhadu and chappal.
55) Only a mom can tell you where is your stuff.
56) Only a mom can call you & your sister- "cat & dog" while fighting! :P
57) Only a mom can handle my mood swings and nakhras when it comes to food or dresses etc.
58) Only a mom can save me from Dad's wrath!
59) Only a mom can find clothes in your cupboard which you didn't even know existed in the first place
60) Only a mom can say ‘bal katwa le apne/ Tel laga le, kya bhootni bani fir rahi hai’...
61) Only a mom can find your lost things...nothing is lost if your mom can't find it..." saamne toh padhi hui hai book, aankhein hai ya button"
62) Only a mom can see through lies and pretend like she didn't.
63) Only a mom can say to her in Patofy and convince dad by saying "Abhi bachhi hai, sudhar jaegi , Aap bhi na!’' Lol! ;)
64) Only a mom can do a 24/7 job without any holiday irrespective of my complaints.
65) Only a mom can believe ‘No mummy sirf main nai, sabhi fail ho Gaye hai exam mein.’
better luck next time mom
Indian moms are natural born doctors because they can diagnose any kind of illness with "Aaj se bahar ka khana band! I can go on and on as to why Indian moms are fabulous in every way ! Only my mom can handle my tantrums and still love me for who I am :) And only she can cry when she sees me in pain! ONLY A MOM ! :) Indian Moms ROCK ! Period !

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