7 Annoying Things Best Friends Do


Friendship is a the most fantastico relationship and something which all of us need. Friends are the essence of life, the ones who have your back in your hard times and have the power to cheer you up even if you are going through the deepest shit of life.

Some friends are enemies under a friendly mask, some are true ones and then there are those who are your besties - your soulmates! They are those chuddy buddies you have grown up and shared your life with.They know you more than you know yourself and can detect even the slightest of difference in our behaviors. The irony is, we go crazy with friends... and without them too!

With them, there are no rules. No Hi, hello, thank you and formal formalities. They are more from the "Sale kaisa hai tu!" greeting category, who kick your butt while you are not watching and laugh at your expression. :D

Our best friends are simply fantastico even though they do all these annoying things to us: 

1. They Return Your Bike...  with an empty tank:
This happens all the time with my brother! :D His best friend takes his Royal Enfield for an outing time and again and drops it home with an empty tank, without even informing him of the same. It's too fun watching my brother curse his Bestie when he has to go on an urgent meeting and he realizes there's no petrol! Lol.

2. They Talk To Your Mum...  About Your Crush:
Yeah.. If you are wondering why your Mom is giving you disapproving/excited looks while your best friend sniggers in a corner, you know there's something fishy! Next thing you know, your Mom keeps throwing the question "Beta, Bahu ko ghar kab layega" at you again and again, while you blush and plan your friend's murder! :D

3. They Text You...  At 3:00 in the morning:
Because what they have to say CANNOT wait until tomorrow. NO sir! They are the biggest Drama King/Queens. They'll bug you and threaten you until you hear them out. If you ignore their calls/texts... get ready to die.

4. They enter your room...  without knocking:
Doors mean nothing to your best friends. They walk in your room without knocking, not caring whether you are standing there naked. The knocking 'manners' are a joke for them.

5. They are 'Perfect'...  in front of your parents:
The real devil side of them is visible only to you! :D You often hear your parents giving you his examples saying "Apne friend se hi kuch seekh le.!" :P

6. They eat their food..  and yours too!
This is their specialty! They turn into savage Bhukkads when they spot food and end up eating your share too! :D

7. They pay the restaurant bill...  from your wallet! :
Three of my best friends have done this to me. Grrr... :D When the food comes in, everyone's grabbing and fighting for it and when the bill comes in... whoosh. all your friends evaporate into thin air! Hahaha!

They do so much atyachaar on us, both emotional and physical but still there's no denying that they are our world! :D They are simply fantastico! Don't you agree?

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