7 Must Have Makeup Products For College Going Girls


Makeup has the power to give you an instant peppy look. Like the most of women, my love for makeup was born young too. But the best I used until my high school was Vaseline, kajal and compact. That's it. When I was introduced to the wonderful online world, that's when I actually started experimenting with makeup products and looks.

When I started using makeup whole heartedly during my college days, my skin was quite young and adapted beautifully to any product. Back then my skin was quite peppy and not so sensitive and doing some light makeup was actually quite fun.

These are the products which I feel every college going girl or a corporate newbie should have to look peppy and fantastico. Life will be so much easier and fun if you have these products. You might want to carry some of these wherever you go in your bag too!

Lip Balm:
The BEST product the makeup world has ever given us! This is a must have because lips are your first priority. Lips are made of the softest skin in the body so need extra care. There are a truck load of options from over 1000+ brands for lip balms available today. You can opt for tinted lip balms too for a punch of colour. Nivea fruity shine and Revlon Just bitten are my favourite in this category.

BB Cream:
Another amazing product! BB creams are nothing but tinted moisturizers. They are a must have for every college goer. Just a dab of it on your face will keep it moisturized, protect you from the sun and brighten your face instantly.

This is for a more natural effect. Puff some compact on your face just before heading to your college on your shopping day out with friends at the mall. Seal the look with some peppy coral gloss.

Lip Gloss:
Lip glosses are a college goer's best friend. I used to LOVE them and go crazy over them in my college days. I don't like them now. But the first product I would recommend to a college going girl or a makeup starter is a lip gloss! They are a TOTAL must have to bring out that bubbly teen in you. I love the range from Maybelline and still have many of them and other brands.

Kajal aka Kohl is a total winner of a product. It has the power to change your whole look, giving your eyes a beautiful, mesmerizing effect. There are many smudgeproof options available from various brands. Invest in a good smudge proof and irritation free kohl. It's a total winner girls! Some of my suggestions are Lakme eyeconic, Plum Kajal, and the L'Oreal Magique.

Face Mist:
Face mists are my current favourite. Every woman,especially those who go out a lot should own a face mist/spray toner. They are very good stress boosters too. The feeling of freshness when the spray touches your face is heavenly! I say you should carry it wherever you go! I bought the one shown above from Amazon recently. It's from Oxy glow and oh my God! I LOVE it!! ^_^

Ek chutki moisturizer ki keemat tum kya jano dear! Har problem ka solution hota hai ek chutki moisturizer! Fresh skin ka raaz hota hai ek chutki moisturizer! :D Moisturizers are must must must. Buy one and use it religiously. You will know it's benefits for yourself.
Other products which can be included in the must have list for college going kudiyan are blushes, eyeliners, gold eyeshadow and a nude lipstick! :D My favourite nude lipsticks are 'Rosy nude' shade from Revlon color burst and Maple Mocha from L'Oreal moist matte range!

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