7 Peppy Gifts For Her This Valentine's Day


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I do not believe in valentines day, I mean who needs a particular day to celebrate the fabulous emotion called love? People in the industry of flower, cakes , chocolates and soft toys probably love this day to core . But over the past couple of years I have realized that life gets hectic busy and spending quality time with your loved ones becomes increasingly difficult. At times like these special westernized days like Valentine's day come like a blessing helping you  reconnect and rediscover and ad fizz to your relationship.

Like I have already mentioned before 2016 is flying at jet speed and valentines is also coming soon. If you haven't yet thought of the perfect gift for the special person in your life then worry because I am here to help ;) . I am against commercialization of love and most of the gifts mentioned here have a personal touch to it, they may not be something as simple as going to the store and buying it off shelves but trust me , these gifts are going to brighten up the face of your special one and just for that the whole effort is going to be worth it.

Surprise Dinner Date : Plan a surprise dinner date away from the crowds in a restaurant. Nothing speaks romance like having a yummy meal under the blanket of  midnight blue sky while the stars twinkle along. Your terrace is the best place for this but if you can arrange a dinner date by the sea then it is going to be a truly magical night she is going to remember for years later. Tea lights, and scented candles can up the romantic atmosphere but don't forget to tell her you are going to eat outside so she doesn't end up cooking at home.

Trip to Spa :  Gift her a relaxing day at a spa. You can both go in for a massage together and bust the stress and indulge in some aroma therapy too.

Bake her a Cake: Cakes are popular on valentines day but how about baking her a cake at home? google a recipe and try your hand at it . Pillsbury has their simple cake mixes to help make a cake in simple easy steps which doesn't even require an oven, try this and add fancy toppings and icing and impress your girl. If you want to add a gift to turn the day more special go in for a gold ring hidden in this cake.

Fabulous morning surprise: wake her up with morning tea made by you and wish her valentines day . watch the sunrise together while you sip on adrakwali masala chai with some luxury cookies . Simple gesture which will definitely impress her. You can try and get custom made personalized cups and have tea in them.

A surprise trip away from the city Noise: Plan a surprise trip into serene places like Coorg, Ooty, Goa or backwaters of Kerala and get away from the crowds, rush, noise and pollution of the city to rejuvenate and relax.

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