7 Peppy Scents Which Make My Day Fantastico


Fragrances make your day fabulous. Some scents are so magical that they can transform a stressed day into a peppy one, brightening your mood and even bringing back memories.
I like my surroundings and myself to smell good always, even a whiff of stinky scent can spoil my entire day. I always leave home after spraying myself with body spray but that doesn't mean I am heavily bathed in fragrance

Here are 7 peppy scents which have the power to cheer me up even when I am in my gloomiest moods:

The smell of Petrichor:  Seasons first rains come with its own set of memories and cool breeze but what I love most about first rains is the pleasant and distinct smell of mother earth when drops of rain hit it. The geeli mitti ki khushbu is what my granny calls it and she indulged us in spinach pakodas when this happened. These days our busy lives don't let us enjoy this earthy fragrance and most of the times when the first rains hitting mud happens  I am stuck in a traffic jam but the smell is enough to elevate my mood and bring me a sense of calm and peace.

Fresh coffee brewing : Have you ever  got a whiff of freshly ground coffee ? It is a very soothing smell. Even when coffee brews early in the morning, the aroma lifts my spirits up and drives my laziness away. This is one scent which I like to begin my day with.

Fragrance of Nature: The smell of nature early in the morning is very peaceful . Fresh dewy grass, woods, flowers, mint, damp earth all combine to give you a deliciously inviting fresh atmosphere. Spending some moments in the realm of nature as the sun rises is the best way to start your day but life these days is getting so busy I rarely have the time to even step out after waking up, forget spending some calm moments in the garden.

Scent of books: Paper has its own amazing smell . When you flip through pages of an old novel from the library the musky scent is just so divine. Even the scent from a brand new novel is very distinct and soothes the senses.

Rose water: The delicate floral scent of rose water is something I totally adore. I use rose water in several different ways and include it in my skin care routine. I even add rose water to custards and tea for a lovely rich scent and flavour. I have a very sensitive nose so I don't indulge in expensive perfumes which give me an allergy, so when I want to indulge in some fragrance, it is pure rose water I turn to. When I am craving luxury sleep I even end up sprinkling this over my bedsheets. These days I am also including the oxyglow rose petal refreshing toner in my beauty routine and the scent is just so uplifting.

Indian Spices :  The invigorating aroma of  Indian spices when roasted , ground, fried or sautes is pure bliss. Spices release aroma and lend a special flavour and taste to dishes and I just love how my mom uses whole spices in special dishes like biryani or seviyan. Roasted zeera, hing, cinnamon and elachi are some of my favourite Indian spices for the way they smell and they can make me hungry in seconds.

Jasmine: Mogra has a very strong scent and doesn't suit sensitive noses but it is used in so many traditional ways in India that I am actually very used to this scent. Mogra in hair may not be my thing but I really like this scent which brings back a lot of happy memories like marriages.

Which scent makes your day fantastico?

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. Great....all these are my favourite, too. Especially, scent of books, petrichor, coffee and jasmine...

    You've really worked hard on this marathon, dear. Wish you all the success... :-)


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