7 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend


The other day when I was going through my Twitter timeline, I came across a conversation between some of my followers. Well, let's say it was not a conversation but more of a Twitter fight. As crazy as it sounds, I LOVE Twitter fights. They are simply so entertaining and peppy that they make your whole day! :D So the fight of words was due to an abusive tweet by a male Tweep, making fun of women. While I was going through the fuming conversation, what I realized was you NEVER mess with a woman. Especially if she is fantastico and active on Social media! *winks* That's when I got an idea to write this post. :)

Unless you want to burn under her gaze..
Unless you want her to bring her high heels into action..
Unless you want her to ruin your life..

Don't. Just DON'T say these things to your girl if you want your relationship to stay fantastico forever! :D

1."Aur kitni selfies logi?" (How many more selfies will you take?):
We gals love selfies. We wanna be clicked whenever we are looking peppy(which is always ehm) We are in a secret relationship with our phone's front cameras, and mind you! Our selfies are more important to us than your presence in our lives. So just don't question our peppy selfie taking skills.. EVER!

2."You talk a lot. Shut up":
We are alien to the words 'shut up', we just can't do that. But we can definitely bring them to use when we want you to shut up with the shut up comments! A wise man knows that this is the last thing he should tell a girl. We women love to talk. We talk about everything and if you are not keen on hearing about it, just ignore or sweetly keep distance from us. Don't tell us we talk a lot. Not if you love your sweet little life!

3."Go to hell!":
Even if you are crazily angry on her, never tell her to go to hell.. or she will turn your world into hell! :P Be wise with your words when it comes to a woman.

4."You are wrong":
She is always right. Always. (Doesn't matter if that 'always' is in her dreams *winks*) The way to a woman's heart is the compliment of 'you are right!' So if you want to get in her good books, then practice these words over and over again!

Take that extra pain to type a proper 'OK' as a reply to her while texting. A 'K' to her texts is like a slap on her face. If she is having a nasty temper the next time you talk, the reason is nothing but your unholy and bleeding 'K'! If someone texts me K, I make it a point to answer it with a Kick! ;)

6."I left my wallet at home":
Even if she is a freaking Angelina Jolie, she doesn't like the idea of paying the bill on your date. Today you have left your wallet, tomorrow she'll leave you. Haha.. I personally like the idea of equal rights and sharing the bill and what not, but hey! This is a damn DATE for God's sake. No woman pays on her date!

7."Your friend is hot":
She might ask you if you think her friend is looking pretty. Don't fall for her bait. You calling her friend hot is the last thing your girl wants to hear!

Keep these fantastico tips in mind boys!

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