7 Tips To Make Your Make Up Last Longer


My skin is super sensitive, prone to breakout at the slightest of irritations and it gets more sensitive during winters. I avoid makeup on a regular basis reserving it only for occasions. As my skin is young *ehm* I can go without makeup on occasions too but lately I am suffering from a severe case of dark circles. All the extensive hours in front of my laptop are finally getting at me and my eyes have started resembling those of a cute Panda. Lol.

As I opt for makeup only on special occasions, I want it to last long. I am cool with reapplying my lipstick/lipbalm again and again but redoing all the makeup every 4 hours is just not my thing. Because firstly, I am down to earth lazy and secondly, I have more better things to do in the world then to redo my makeup every 4 hours, Panda or NOT!

Waterproof makeup lasts quite long but it clogs my skin and makes me pay at the end of the day. So I strictly avoid using waterproof foundations. Waterproof lipsticks and other stuff here and there are okay with me.

Here are seven fantastico ways I use to make my normal makeup last longer:

1. Exfoliate:
Exfoliation is the best pre-pep for making your make up stay longer. The dead cells on your face have to be removed or they won't help your make up last, falling away eventually. So the first key is to use a good exfoliator. Do this a night before your big day or a few hours prior to doing your final makeup so your skin's moisture is intact.

2. Moisturize well:
Another trick for making makeup last longer is moisturizing your skin thoroughly. Avoid too oily moisturizers, use a water-based formula. Always moisturize after exfoliating.

3. Use a brush/sponge to apply foundation and not your hands:
I have tried this and can say that this works the best! Using a brush ensures the product is spread evenly and it leaves a beautiful finish. Hands have natural oils which mix up with your makeup when you apply it, reducing its staying power.

4. Use Primer:
Primers are famous for their power of making makeup last longer. If not the whole face, use the primer under your eyes and other small areas which are usually dark. Use primer after moisturizer and before foundation!

5. Layer it up:
Layering can prove to be very beneficial. There's no need to increase the quantity of the products, instead just apply whatever quantity you want in thin layers. This will also prevent your makeup from looking patchy.

6. Restrain from too much touching:
Rubbing your makeup absently is the prime reason it wears off. I myself have the habit of pinching my cheeks and biting my lower lip when in thought, absent-mindedly. I even rub my eyes when I feel bored so all of these eventually result in my makeup wearing off. So just avoid touching your face too much or rubbing it, this will go a long way in keeping your makeup intact!

7.Use powder products after cream versions:
This is a very unique trick. Once you have applied your liquid foundation, apply a very thin layer of tinted puff powder on it. Same goes with your blush/eyeshadow. I apply my cream blush first and quickly apply powder blush on the same spot. This seals the look and sets the product on my face like second skin.

Now that you are aware of these fantastico tips, bring them to action and help yourself look peppy all day! :)

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  1. Fab tips for the lazy me :-p

    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

  2. Layering is a good way to let makeup stay for longer time! sponges are as good as brushes to apply makeup. Great tips with approaching summers one needs this.:)


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