8 Fantastico Beauty Hacks Every Women Must Know


Life is busy and all we girls could do with some beauty hacks to simplify it. Whether you are a working woman or a full time mommy, getting make up and hair done in a rush is an art, you have already mastered in and these genius beauty hacks will help you save more time and also some money. So lets get smart and hack on!

Clear mascara to tame Baby hair: I always ended up with baby hair (small fly away hair on the front part) which kept flying here and there ruining my entrie look and then I found this perfect hack. I now brush through the baby hair with cheap clear mascara from streetwear to keep them in place and it works like a charm .  Neat, sophisticated and easy, try it if baby hair is your problem

Make your lipstick last longer : I hate lipsticks which dont last long and lip glosses are a big no with me for the same reason. I have some real pretty shades of lipsticks in my vanity which tranfer and fade away quickly. To make these shades last longer I apply a coat of lipstick and  blot with a tissue and then apply another coat after which i lay a tissue over it and dust with translucent powder . Transfer proof long lasting lipstick ready, no need of touch ups all day!

Cello tape for perfect winged liner : Want a perfect wing for your liner ? Try the cello tape trick, cut a piece of tape , stick it and then remove on your fingers twice to lessen the glue effect and now place this tape in the direction of the wing and apply your liner with perfection

Enhance your eye shadow : most of my eye shadow colours dont show up their true colour on the eye lids and I use this trick to make them pop. I use the milk jumbo eye pencil from Nyx to create a white base and this enhances and brightens up all my eyeshadows. You can use any white pencil or even white eye shadow too.

Make your perfume last long: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your pulse points before you spray perfume helps it last longer. Dont believe me? Try it to believe it!

Spoon for a perfect Mascara application: If you always end up applying mascara to your eyelids along with your lashes spoiling your entire eye make up this trick is for you . Hold a spoon over your eyelid  to create a barrier of sorts between your eyelid and lashes and apply mascara like you normally do . Use the same trick for lower lashes too.

Heat your eyelash curler: curling your eye lashes with a curler can take up a lot of time , to quicken the process use your hair dryer to lightly heat the curler and watch your lashes curl instantly. This trick also helps your lashes stay curled for a longer amount of time.

Microwave your dry gel liner: I just love gel liners but the problem with them is they dry up easily. My ELF and maybelline gel liner both dried up and I used this hack on them. Put your dried gel liner in a microwave for 10 seconds and tada they are back to their old glory.

Have more fantastico beauty hacks ? Share them with me .

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