8 Ways To Pep Up Yourself When You Are Feeling Gloomy


pep up when you ar efeeling gloomy
I am blessed with a peppy personality and I am happy most of the time *Angelic face*
I have no regrets and love what I do, I am fit and  healthy, and am blessed with the best friends in the world. To sum up I enjoy my life to the fullest !
But from time to time like others I too have these so called moments of gloominess. Either it’s due to heavy rains, an arguments with my siblings, or sometimes I can not let go the negative vibes instantly. These vibes make my days bad and turn my bright days into bitter ones!
We all have these gloomy feeling wale days . Days when things just don’t go the way we planned them to or sometimes you get up feeling gloomy for no apparent reason!
I am sharing few easy ways by which are peppy and can turn these terrible days into fantastico ! So read away and next time you sense gloominess consuming you try them out to lift yourself through the gloomy effect!


Harry Potter is my favorite book which can instantly drive my gloom away ! Just pick up one of your favorites among your book collection. Finishing an amazing book and being lost in that world long after you’ve finished reading will help you relax.


The smell of freshly baked chocolate-chipped cookies uplifts my mood anytime !
If you love to bake, just get in to the kitchen and bake some cupcakes or cookies (& send few over to my place? Maybe.) ! :D

Keep Calm And Turn Observant

Feeling grumpy during early hours of the day? Just watch the sunrise or sunset ! This peps up my mood, hopefully it will work for you too ! I just sit in my balcony and observe the birds, the beautiful leaves , sunrise and the dew! Even moon gazingbis a favorite with me.

Touch Of Love

If you have a pet, snuggle up with it or kiss a small baby at your home or ask your Mum's for a good-morning kiss on the forehead :) the gloomy effect will vanish within minutes !

Brew Up Some Coffee

A hot cup of coffee. Aaah. During the winter season, being all bundled up, with a good book. Oh god yes! Brew up some coffee as coffee is sure to lift your spirits ! Wrapping freezing hands around a cup of coffee. Aaah, bliss!

Get Pampered

Red nail polish. Pink flip flops. Cute chick flicks. A bowl full of my favorite ice-cream . Chocolates. Sleepovers. Cupcakes. A day out at the spa. DIY your old stuff. Splurge on yourself. Buy the things you have on your wish list! Show a little love to yourself and watch your mood pep up!

Make A Habit To Smile

A smile can change everything. feeling gloomy doesn't mean you have to throw around your grumpiness . Try smiling. At strangers, at colleagues, at parents. it helps ! A smile is a curve that can straighten up things hokay?! You might just end up impressing the right people and smile all day long remembering the nice words they said.

Laugh It Out

It doesn’t mean join a laughter club or something. Try cracking a joke and make your parents/siblings laugh. Sometimes the laughter of your loved ones brightens up your mood in a manner you couldn’t have imagined ! Laughing with friends, with family, with coworkers, with people you've just met. Just the pure joy of laughing. Try making the people you love laugh.

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  1. Cupcakes are surely my way out of a gloomy day. Thanks for sharing your views.

    - xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche - styleapastiche.com


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