9 Peppy and Dreamy Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas


Are you planning to propose this valentines day? make sure your proposal is creative and peppy enough to sweep her off  the feet and she has no option but to say a big fat YES.  a dreamy proposal idea also means you have a good story to tell your friends and may be even your kids about how you proposed to their mother.

Here are some Dreamy proposal ideas from which you can take inspiration, but don't forget to add your own personal romantic twist and pop the question in style.

The Bollywood style proposal: If the girl is a Bollywood addict like me this idea works best. Propose the filmy way, make an entry on a white horse and grab a leaf write your question on it (Mohobbatein style), sing her favourite song in your very own non melodious voice, have someone run a table fan somewhere near to let her feel wind in the hair . Magical much? Try it !

Propose on a yacht: This is for the adventure loving girl.  If you have the money then its time to spend it because this dreamy proposal idea is going to be totally worth it. Take her on a beach vacation on a yatch, swim with dolphins and propose right their on chilled blue waters surrounded by dolphins. You can even try scuba diving proposal under water. The aqua ambiance is super exciting stuff

Propose on a hot air Balloon:  A blogger friend(Mehak Sagar) actually was proposed this way and there was no way she could say no. More reasons for you to try this idea. Take her out on  a surprise trip enetr a hot air balloon and when the balloon is in the middle of air , up in the sky, bend to your knees and pop the question.

Flower Shower proposal : A red carpet welcome to your lady love will floor her for sure but nothing speaks romance quiet like red roses do. Make a carpet of red rose flower petals and let her walk on while someone showers flowers over her and pop the question when she finally reaches you. For a bollywood touch you can even play the song ' baharon phool barsao' in the background.

The Beach proposal : Plan a holiday to a beaches of Goa. spend the entire evening on the beach having a lavish dinner over candle light . Watch the sun set together while your feet are dipped in sand and hands held together. late into the night when stars twinkle their best propose suddenly below moon light out of the blue while the cool sea breeze blows to you.

Kite Proposal: If a quirky kitschy proposal is what you are looking for try the kite route.Spell out ' Marry Me' on a Huge heart shaped kite and watch her heart soar.

Proposal on a height :  Proposing from the top of Burj Khalifa sounds interesting right? or you can try Eiffel tower or run your imagination wild and choose hatke offbeat places to pop the question.

Dedicate a song: At a disco or a club dedicate a song and propose her over a mike. You can even dedicate a song over radio and announce your proposal to the world and her .

A newspaper Advertisement:  Book ad space in a newspaper and put an Ad saying " Now Everyone Knows, please say yes' . Let her flip pages of news paper in the morning and get the sweetest shock of her life.

Which peppy proposal idea do you think is most dreamy in here? ;)

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