All You Need Is Love & A Little Makeup: 5 Fantastico Reasons To Love Makeup!


reasons to love makeup

Why do women choose to wear make up?

When I was a toddler I used to go through my mom’s makeup kit and would try on every single piece in her collection simply for fun! I knew it was fun and fantastico even when I was a kid! I've been skimming through the make up drawer ever since I was a baby. It reminds me of being young and it reminds me of all the fun things me and my sisters used to do when there was a festival at home! We all would sit by the huge mirror and waste hours to doll up and get the right makeup when we were young! It simply reminds me of the silly things I did in my youth, It was never about boys! It was about being part of the sisterhood. Life can be pretty boring sometimes, so what's so wrong with experimenting with a bold lip color or interesting technique?.

I often have this debate in my head. Why do we use makeup? Some people say it is to hide insecurities. Maybe. But more often than not, I beg to differ. Makeup is not my shield. It is my weapon. It is something that emphasizes my strengths rather than hiding my weakness. My flaws make me who I am. They tell my story.I wear makeup because I love doing makeup, not because I want to impress so and so out there!

Makeup is something I use on a dull day to pep up my spirits. It is playful. It is fun and fantastico. It is an art. I identify myself as a makeup lover! I don't wear makeup to impress anyone, to hide my imperfections or to look perfect. I wear it because it's a form of art for me & I love art.
Women who wear make up every day either do it because they want to look professional, put together, and ready for their day or use it to deploy as a weapon – to attract their partners, to intimidate, shock and amaze the people surrounding them!

Here Are Five Fantastico Reasons Why Women Love Makeup:

1.Really, women wear makeup for themselves!

eyebrows speak louder than words
People who think women wear makeup to impress are just plain wrong. I wear makeup for ME ! Makeup makes me feel put together and more confident in myself. We don’t take the pains of wearing the perfect makeup so that men look at us and say ‘ You look gorgeous!’ . We know we are gorgeous, honestly if  200 men told me I look gorgeous, it does nothing to me, if I don't feel like I look gorgeous. Beauty comes from within, and makeup just helps bring out our inner confidence and enhance our facial features. I can confidently say I love how I look with makeup and without makeup and honestly, either way — it is no ones business but my own!

2.ITS SO MUCH FUN! Removing off makeup feels fantastico too!

she was made of ferociousness and eyelashes
For all those women who truly love the art of applying makeup, it's just plain fun or no reason at all.. even just taking it off a few minutes later, is so calming and enjoyable. One can love makeup and love not wearing makeup at the same time. I myself enjoy dolling up and sometimes enjoy a face with NO makeup, I spend most of my days sitting at a computer from 9 to 6 pm at my house, writing. Am I wearing makeup then? Of course not. Do I still feel confident and secure? Absolutely. 

3.It is a way for women to express their creativity!

makeup is my art
There is the playful and creative aspect in the act of applying makeup! Women enjoy swirling a brush in a palette of color. There is the element of creativity, from winged eyeliner to perfecting the double eye shadow look , it is all about creativity baby! Trust me its a hell lot of fun to play around with colors!

4.It gives women precision and power!

the more mascara the better
Makeup can make you feel more powerful and ready to face any situation. Makeup can be a mask you hide behind, that gets you ready to face the world! Every time I wear makeup I have a feeling I am the one in power *wink wink* There are many studies that prove women who wear makeup feel more powerful than those who don’t!

5.Bright Lip color, INSTANT Confidence Booster!

there is nothing brighter than a lipstick
The confidence building aspect is one of the best reasons why we love makeup! It is just like wearing a pair of gorgeous heels ! When I have my red lipstick on, I feel like I can conquer anything! A bright lip color makes me feel like I can take on the world ! Yes, makeup is empowering !

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