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Today, more so than ever, outstanding web presence is critical to virtually any company’s success. While it may be a frightening prospect to the uninitiated, if your business is not online, it might as well not exist at all. That may seem like a bold statement, but it only takes a quick look at the sales figures of today’s most successful businesses to realize that the majority of revenue is gained either directly or indirectly from online traffic. Coalition Technologies is a company that takes a multifaceted approach to the web, helping today’s forward-thinking companies to get the most out of the vast and complicated Internet.

First Impression:
Naturally, when visiting the website of a company that sells websites and online related content, you have high expectations. Fortunately, Coalition delivers. The front page is crisp, clean, responsive, and easy to navigate, while still delivering the pertinent information required. The company’s page is easy on the eyes as well, and there are even some unique black and white illustrations of the team that really let you see who is working for you without relying on the typical, cheesy corporate photos that are far too often par for the course.

Services Offered:
What impressed me about Coalition’s business model is that they really do offer everything you need to boost your online presence, including web design and development, social media, SEO, programming, branding, and more. In some cases, this can be a red flag – after all, too many cooks can spoil the soup. However, a quick look through Coalition’s portfolio proves the broth is doing just fine. One assumes that the employees are well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing, while still bringing their individual specialties to the table. Regardless of how the company structures its business, the results are consistently comprehensive.

Are They Right for You?
In the world of online marketing, one size doesn’t always fit all, and you may want to go with a company that specializes in your company’s specific field. On the other hand, sometimes a diverse portfolio means that a company has gained unique and diverse skills and experience that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Coalition falls into the latter category.

As you browse the websites made by Coalition, you can see how the Coalition team puts their personal touch on each website while still allowing each client’s niche branding to shine through. For example, I wasn’t expecting to see a cosmetics company and a performance car parts company on the same roster, but somehow Coalition’s work with both brands just feels natural, which is no easy feat. In this case, it appears that Coalition’s diverse client list is an advantage, rather than a hindrance.

Find Out if Coalition is a Good Match:
From my viewpoint, Coalition Technologies looks to be a safe bet, but it’s always best to contact them yourself before taking the plunge. After all, what works for one website or business is not always going to be ideal for another. Fortunately, Coalition does offer free phone consultations, so give them a call and see if it feels right. Overall, I am quite impressed with Coalition’s unique take on digital marketing, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this promising company.

By Guest Author Atinder Singh:
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