Dress Peppy, Dress happy!


In the name of style and fashion we keep compromising on comfort. High heels, biting juttis, bump its, heavy danglers earrings , lehengas weighing kilos, innumerable hair pins and so much more just to look sophisticated and presentable. I personally am a "Mood Stylist". I am not a slave to fashion trends and don't follow all of them blindly. I dress in happy fashion according to my mood  
When life throws a curve ball at you  and you are feeling all low its time to pamper yourself, explore, experiment and dress in happy fashion. What is happy fashion you ask? Well happy fashion is fashion where there is no compromise on comfort, you don't have to pretend being someone you aren't and which sets your soul free.

Here is how I dress up when I am in peppy and a happy mood.

Pep up with quirky prints: 
Prints are a great way to brighten up your day and when the prints are quirky and peppy it is even better. A saree, kurti or even a tunic in peppy prints can add cheer to your day. Experiment with peppy prints like hearts, florals, shoes, spoons, cows and so much more. Pair printed pieces with contrast prints or solid colours and go minimal with accessories. I have a shree kurti in telephone print which I turn to when I want to keep things fun. Masaba's fan print and lipstick print are on my wish list.

Pearl it up: 
Pearls are classy and have a vintage charm helping uplift your mood. Have fun with your pearls, go in for statement pieces like a pearl ring, pearl double side studs or long pearl necklaces.

Pout bright and pretty: Bright lips add instant pop to your face and mood, driving all dullness away. So get your peppy colours out and pout away to happiness. I am loving the pure red lipstick collection from LOreal a lot these days. The shade fire from this range is a bright orange with red under tones and it is my absolute favorite helping me pucker up in seconds

Smell Fabulous: A good perfume has the power to uplift your spirits. Reach out to your favourite fragrance and transform your mood from gloomy to peppy. These days I prefer very light fruity scents and I am turning to pure rose water for a whiff of freshness

Zing with bling: 
Bling can totally put you in party mode but I prefer subtle understated bling not the Bappi lahri kind. Go for sequins, shimmers, studs or just metallics in silver, gold, bronze or copper to instantly glam up. With bling less is more so just add one blingy thing to your look. A sequined clutch, studded bracelet, shimmery eye shadow, metallic belt or even a sequined blouse with saree can add sparkle to your day.

Smile gorgeous: 
Flaunting your  million dollar smile means people will notice just that and your clothes and makeup will get overshadowed, isnt that what we all want?  Make this your number one style mantra, wear anything do not forget to wear a smile and smiling is contagious, you may just end up making others smile too . :)

What are you waiting for ? Go dress happy and speak your mood through your style.

Do you have more ideas to dress peppy? Share them with me in comments!

Dress Peppy,
Stay Happy!

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