Effective Hair Care Tips For Winter


Hair tend to damage the most during winters. This is the season when they need the maximum care. Not treating them properly can cause long lasting damage.

I may be a lazy butt and ignore the needs of my skin but when it comes to hair care during winters, I am dead serious about it. The reason behind it is I have ignored hair care once and seen it's dark effects on my hair for myself. Two years back when I was not so much inclined towards beauty and skin care, I didn't treat my hair in the right way during winter and it resulted in a very heavy hair loss and frizz. I LOVE my hair and CAN'T stand it when it grows ill. So whatever it takes, I push myself to heed to my hair religiously.

I am blessed with silky, very smooth long mane of hair which does not rage much wars, except for winters. The tips I am sharing are for all types of hair.

Fantastico hair care tips for Winter:

Oil, Oil and Oil more! Oiling is the best way to tend to your hair. Make sure you oil your hair everyday. Make it a part of your bed time routine. It's a myth that oiling hair once in a week will do good. NO. You need to oil them everyday.. religiously! Oil your scalp as well as the mane of your hair. Remember not to go overboard with the quantity of oil. If you apply so much oil everyday that your pillows get stained,  it can lead to dandruff!

Head massage:
Like every part of your bod, your head needs some massage too. Head massages can go a long way in giving you beautiful, healthy hair. Massages help in better blood circulation causing the hair cuticles to grow stronger. You can apply a little oil and massage your head at the same time. Press every part of your scalp with your fingers and form circular motions. This will relieve stress too.

Avoid very hot/cold water showers:
If you are taking a head bath, this is something you should really bring into practice. Too hot water and too cold water, both can harm your hair. Wash your hair with light warm water. As it's cold during winters, hot water showers always look appealing but we don't want to harm our hair now do we?!

Protect your hair from the wind:
It's advisable to wear a scarf when you go out. The majority of hair issues rise up due to too much wind and pollution exposure.

Use SLS free shampoos:
SLS aka Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is a harmful chemical used in the majority of drugstore shampoos. It's the chemical which felicitates lather. Using an SLS free shampoo will go a long way for winter hair care. Many brands are coming up with SLS free shampoo formulas. Invest in a good one and insure your hair!

Gentle Towel Dry:
The fancy ways in which the protagonists of an Ad dry up their hair is just NOT healthy! The best way to dry up your hair is to gently press them with a towel. Don't rub them hard and stretch/pull them in the process of drying. Let them dry naturally.

Trim those split ends:
Split ends are a common woe, especially during winters. The best and most chemical free and effective way to get rid of split ends is trimming them out. Don't let those split ends hang around, get them chopped off. You can do this at home itself. My Mum does the trimming every month for me. :D

Avoid blow drying your hair and use of elastic rubber bands too. These will have a severe negative impact on your scalp. Take care of all these things and you will have healthy, peppy and gorgeous hair within a span of a month! :D

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P.S: That's my Bestie in the pic. ^_^

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