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Bollywood has been a teacher for many in need. It has acted as a source of inspiration for love birds all around the globe. Romance is the most loved and most watched genre of Bollywood and these movies are not just here to entertain but to preach too!

Bollywood has had a great impact on its audience for years now. I remember when the movie 'Tere Naam' had screened first, men had gone gaga over Salman Khan's hairstyle. Not just this film but there are hundreds of movies which have inspired their fans and given them unlimited ideas and inspiration ranging from fashion to tricks to woo your love.

Let's take this upcoming Valentine's day as an opportunity to take some fantastico proposal inspiration from Bollywood. The 'Filmi style' proposal can come under the cheesy category but the truth is, it can never go wrong!

Fantastico proposal ideas Bollywood has given us:
1.The Shayari(Poetic) Proposal ~ Fanaa:
The movie Fanaa was quite the talk of the town when it was released. Apart from the amazing script, what it had was Amir Khan making Kajol blush with his cheesy shayaris. Being a shayar myself, I would say that this way is just TOO ROMANTIC and peppy. A MUST try! :D You can use some of my shayaris to do the deed. *winks*

2.The Airport Proposal ~ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na:
This method inspired by Bollywood simply rocks! Every other Bollywood film has this scene where the hero goes running to the airport to stop the love of his life from going abroad and expresses his undying love for her. It's totally CUTE the way Imran Khan proposes to Genelia singing "Tera Mujhse hai pehle ka naata koyi..." in the movie 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane na'. In fact, I love the singing part so much that I have done a complete post on it HERE.

3.The Train Proposal ~ DDLJ:
This is one of the most EPIC moments of Bollywood. The film DDLJ was such a big blockbuster and this train scene from it was simply superb. It's the best kind of romantic coupled with passion and madness of love. Stop her/him from leaving you. No love story s complete without some intense drama and a striking proposal like this.

4.The 'ring-in-your-drink' proposal ~ Raone:
The movie Raone gave us two sides of King Khan. While I can't deny that his Robot version was more macho and irresistible, the simple gamer guy look who proposes his love by dropping a ring in her drink, was quite romantic and fantastico too! This proposal is best when you are taking her on a date. Be careful about dropping a hint to her that there's something in the drink - you don't want her to choke to death.. her aatma will haunt you all your life. Lol.

5.The Sanskari Proposal ~ 2States:
This proposal is for love birds who are nervous about breaking the news of their love to their parents. If that's the case buddies, remember that the Sanskari proposal where you go straight to their parents and ask her hand and get drilled by them until they finally give in, is best for you! :D

6.The Rain Proposal ~ Aashiqui2:
This is one of the MOST romantic proposals and something which every other Bollywood film has. It's for hopeless romantics and the ones who want a REAL peppy and totally memorable proposal! :D I love the rain proposal scene from the movie Aashiqui2 the best!

7.The Fairytale Horse Proposal ~ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na:
This is another stunning proposal idea form the movie 'Jaane tu ya jaane na'. Every woman, at some or the other point of her life, has imagined her Prince charming proposing to her on a horse. It' the fairytale which every girl is years from a very young age, thanks to Disney. Turn her fairytale into reality and go propose to her on a horse! :D *ehm. Please take some horse riding classes first. We all love our limbs.* 

8.The 'Message On A Leaf' Proposal ~ Mohabbatein:
This peppy proposal idea was brought to the lime light in the movie 'Mohabbatein'. Must say that this is one of the best romantic performances of Shah Rukh Khan. In this movie, he doesn't get a paper to write the three magical words on(which is ironical as he is carrying his college bag with him) so he writes down his proposal on a dry leaf. Let's just ignore the 'can't get a paper to right on' fact and agree that this leaf proposal is totally CUTE and definitely worth a try! :D 

9.The 'Pretend To Suicide' Proposal ~ Sholay:
Sholay was one legend of a movie which apart from the amazing story line and dialogues, had a great proposal stunt to it too. This proposal idea is on the more drama side which should be strictly practiced with CAUTION. This is a stunt which I would strictly not say yes to. I mean, seriously! It's like keeping a gun on someone's head and blackmailing them. But hey! Not all women are like me, you never know, maybe your Basanti will actually love this proposal! :D

While I find all of these ideas to be epic, the shayari one, Sanskari one and the rain one are my personal favorites! ;)

Which of these fantastico proposal ideas are you going to use to express your love on this Valentine's day? Do share! :D

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Image sources:1,2,3,4,7-5-6-8 respectively.

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  1. oho - nostalgia strikes... LOL... what fun this was :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  2. I love the Airport proposal.... And The Fairytale Horse Proposal.... but I wish the Rain thing happens with me.... It's so romantic...

    1. Don't worry buddy! Your Prince charming will surely give you a rain proposal ;) It's my fav too :D

  3. Awww.. this is such and cute & creative post dear. Loved the use of Giphys in this one. Quite a fun read for the Valentines.

  4. Awesome style which in life we rarely find....

    1. It's actually a rage among youngsters today Maam. :D

  5. Oh... All the proposal ideas are brilliant with apt references. Though my fav is the leaf and the brilliantly comical suicide one by Dharam Garam... Awesome post. Fun to read and the timing for Valentine's is just right.

  6. Oh... All the proposal ideas are brilliant with apt references. Though my fav is the leaf and the brilliantly comical suicide one by Dharam Garam... Awesome post. Fun to read and the timing for Valentine's is just right.

  7. Brilliant compile...memories refreshed.

  8. This is such a fun post Bush. I agree these are the movies that inspired the people the most :D


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