Facts You Should Know About Sunscreen


I am big time lazy and hardly go out in the sun, especially these days when even my shopping is done online. In fact, now I have got addicted to the food delivery app FoodPanda and grocery shopping app Peppertap and Grofers, so moving my lazy bum outdoors is more difficult now. All this has resulted in me gaining more weight and cutting down on my sunscreen costs.

Sunscreen is a very important part of your skin care routine and should not be avoided. The sun rays has its own set of benefits providing you with Vitamin D  but these rays are very strong and can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Here are some very important sunscreen facts you should  know to help yourself stay sun safe. Follow these to have fantastico skin throughout the year!

1. The right SPF is the key : When buying a sunscreen among other things the most important thing to look for is the amount of SPF . For adequate protection against sun in India a SPF of between 30 to 60 is ideal and anything less or above this isn't recommended. Most lip balms and foundations these days come with SPF 15 which is useless outdoors, they only give you light protection when indoors.

2. Don't skip sunscreen when indoors : Most people make the mistake of avoiding sunscreen when not spending time in the sun .  This isn't right, you need to apply sunscreen even when indoors especially if you are near windows from which sun rays easily penetrate

3. Reapplying sunscreen is a must: Your sunscreen may be SPF 100 with PA +++ , it can boast of fancy tags like being sweat proof and water resistant but this doesn't mean you don't reapply. After every two hours you need to keep reapplying to properly protect your skin from damage. If you  go in for a swim or sweat a lot then reapply more frequently. Even when you are indoors follow the two hour to reapply rule . If  indoors your worry is removing make up just to apply sunscreen then get yourself a compact powder with a high SPF  and keep touching up at regular intervals

3. Don't avoid sunscreen in winters: Cloudy day or winter afternoon should not be your reason to avoid  a sunscreen . Even light winter sun can be damaging to your skin. you can go in for sunscreen with lesser SPF on cloudy days but don't  avoid it completely

4. Apply your sunscreen liberally: For your sunscreen to actually work its magic you need to apply a thick layer of it and apply it on your entire exposed body parts not just your face.

5. Buy the right sunscreen: A sunscreen from a well known brand which suits your skin type is what you should buy. Apart from this you need to go in for an SPF 30 and above having a broad spectrum label for total sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Also make sure your sunscreen is water resistant to survive mild sweating .

Are you guilty of not reapplying sunscreen? or do you avoid it totally? share in comments.

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  1. I used to apply sunscreen but when I read about the WHO consensus of the number of people affected by def of Vitamin D I gave up sunscreens and made sitting out i the sun even on summers for at least 1/2 hour daily.

  2. Sunscreens have become a part & parcel of our lives, Great facts abut them. Thanks for sharing dearie.

  3. Love the recommendation to look for "broad spectrum" sunscreen. So many are unaware that SPF only measures UVB protection and that UVA rays also cause skin damage. That's why it's so important to use a broad spectrum product (so you get protection from UVB and UVA) and why we make all our suncare products that way.


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