Fall Shoe Trends Of 2015


Fantastico four shoe trends of 2015
Shoe lovers can just not have enough of shoes! We have shoes for every season and every occasion! From Cinderella to Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the city, we are seduced by footwear and the desire to buy them in every shape and design has grown with every passing decade.

A pair of footwear can make a woman feel sexy within seconds and lets not talk about how every girl dreams of owning a gorgeous pair of Louboutin or Jimmy Choo!
Be it flats, heels, stilettos, platforms, boots , gladiators or ballerinas , we women love shoes! If a new design is out we want it, we lust it!

 If I find the perfect pair of heels for my new dress, I can feel my heart racing and I feel so excited when I don them for the first time. :D As you know by the name of my blog I am shoe-o-holic through and through! If I am feeling down, I know my mood will lift If I shop for a pair of shoes or even better, wear a sexy pair. On an average, a woman owns about 20-25 pairs of shoes at any given time, while shoe lovers like me own 30-36 pairs :P

I have shoes for all seasons and currently I am in love with the fall shoe trends of 2015 ! I can hardly wait to grab a pair from these trends (Yes, I have been saving to buy one of them!;))
The year 2015 saw some gorgeous shoe trends in the winter/fall season shoe trends , both on the runway and on celebrities ! A pair of shoes in which we can feel comfortable during the fall is a must for every shoe lover to own ! The fantastico four pair of Shoes that became a HIT during 2015 are as follows :

A Furry Pair

If there is one trend that has left me utterly flabbergasted, it is the furry shoe trend ! I am not a fan of this shoe trend but hey the runway and the celeb shoe closets are full of these shoes ! Well there is no doubt that these shoes are surely unique and make up for a good standout pair of shoes for winters ! I think the fur thing is mostly worn by children in India and maybe that is the reason why I can’t associate with them ! But nonetheless fashionistas have sworn these shoes to be fantastic !

Lace Up Boots

One of my favorites from the fall shoe trends are the lace up boots ! They are exactly like the gladiators and look super sexy when worn with trench coats and fur jackets !

Velvet shoes

dolce heel square
I love love love shoes in different and unique materials and the newest to join the hot fall trends is the velvet shoes ! Be it loafers, Block heels or velvet pumps last year saw a lot velvet shoes in the fall season and I am wanting a sexy pair of them to join my shoe collection!

Thigh High Boots

If you are looking for something different from the usual ankle length and the normal boots this is the choice of footwear for you ! Thigh high boots or over the knee high boots are hot and trending and have been a rage during the fall season of 2015!

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