Fantastico Anti-Ageing Guide For Women In Their Twenties


At the age of 21, the last thing I need to worry about is 'ageing' but guess what! Thanks to my hobby of reading beauty blogs, I learnt that anti-ageing skin care is something which should be started young, best time to start is in early twenties. Yes, it shocked me too but then I realized they were right when I discussed this with my elder sister. She told me that skin age unlike your real age can be delayed by following the right anti ageing routine. My sister also revealed that she is currently using anti ageing cream  religiously every night ( she is 25) . No wonder she has perfect skin and looks my age in spite of being four years elder to me!

I started my own anti-ageing routine with this amazing night cream from organic brand Fuchsia and learnt a lot about anti-aging skin care in the last one year. 

Anti ageing in your early twenties is more about prevention and simple additions in your everyday skin care routine should be enough. Ageing cannot be avoided but it can definitely be delayed, so it is best to start young. In this post I'll be sharing with you what kind of an anti ageing routine girls in their twenties should follow. So all you fantastico beauties in your twenties take note to make sure your skin remains peppy even in your forties. 

*Start with regularly using a night cream . Skin ageing makes you loose natural oils, drying it out in the process. A good night cream will help hydrate your skin and also indulge in cell regeneration and repair. You don't have to include an anti ageing night cream yet, just your normal night cream will work fine.

* Cleanse your face of all make up before hitting the bed. Sleeping with make up on is the best way to damage your skin. Make up traps a lot of pollutants, grime and dirt into your skin which leads to premature skin ageing. Remove your make up with a good make up remover and then Cleanse your face with a hydrating face wash or use cleansing milk if you have really dry skin.

* Use sunscreens liberally and reapply every two hours. One of the many signs of ageing is dark spots on your skin which are a result of exposure to sun . In fact I read in a magazine the other day that 90% of skin ageing is caused because of UV rays. So if you really want to age naturally and not prematurely take your sunscreen seriously, apply even on cloudy days and when indoors. Don't forget the reapplication part. 

* If you do smoke quit it . The best way to age fast is to burn those cigarettes . They are bad for health and your skin too.

* Eating healthy and cutting down on the junk works wonders for your skin, so follow it. Also drinking the right amount of water is important.

* Using an eye cream also helps, especially if your under eye area is dry or if you spend majority of your time in front of the laptop. I am using aroma magic eye gel .

That is all I am doing at present to prevent ageing. I do plan to take my anti ageing seriously when I turn 25. Face oils, anti ageing creams and serums are things people in their late twenties should start off with. 

Do you follow an anti ageing routine ? How old are you? 

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  1. I completely agree with the author. It is always best to develop a good skin care routine than laser and post laser treatments. Prevention is always better than cure skin problems.


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