Fantastico Brushes Every Makeup Beginner Should Own


For a flawless make up application you need the right tools not just the right products. You may own products from the most high end brands but if you don't apply it properly it will end up looking all made up and artificial.

When I started off with make up I did not care for make up brushes much so i did not go investing in them. I stuck to using just my fingers or applicators provided with blushes and shadows to apply products but end result was not very natural giving a flaky streaky finish.

When the blush fever caught me I finally invested in my first brush set from faces and then there was no turning back , brushes were how I applied make up.

Fantastico reasons why you should invest in make up brushes:
  • Make up brushes give you a very peppy and natural finish even if the products you are using aren't from high end brands
  • Using brushes to apply make up is more hygienic 
  • Using the right brush ensures there is less product wastage.
I recommend all make up beginners to add these 5 make up brushes to your make up bag:

Powder brush: It is important to set your look with loose powder after you have applied all your make up. A powder brush helps in evenly applying loose powder all over the face.

Flat foundation brush: Using fingers to apply foundation works well for beginners but using a brush really makes a huge difference. A flat brush ensures your foundation is applied evenly giving you a barely there natural looking base where the foundation blends into your skin. You can even use a make up sponge to apply foundation. I use Basicare sponges which works well for me so I don't feel the need to own a flat brush.

Blending brush:
This brush helps in blending your eye shadow along the crease of your lids. This is very useful especially if you are using multiple colours on your lid to create an eye look. You can even use this brush to blend your highlighter

Blusher brush:
This is an absolute must have brush because a blush not applied and blended properly can make you look like a clown . The small little brushes which come with your blushes are useless so invest in a blush brush to get that naturally flushed cheeks look . If you are into cream blushes you can skip this brush as fingers are the best way to blend them.

Eye-shadow applicator brush:

You need this brush to smoothly apply color on your eye lids. A stiff applicator brush which picks right amount of colour is what you should look for. Most eye shadows come with a foam applicator but an applicator brush lets you have more control and helps in even application.

Optional brushes to add to your collection:
Lip brush: you can easily apply lipstick right from bullet but using a lip brush helps in precise application and also gives a painted finish which I totally love. Also if a lipstick is too creamy or buttery applying with a brush works best.

Concealer brush: This brush helps in concealing specific small areas where your fingers cant reach properly, like under eyes, around nose, acne and dark spots. Most concealers come in pen packaging but you need a concealer brush even with such products to properly hide your blemishes.

Smudger brush: It helps smudge the eye liner for a soft smokey eye look.

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