Fantastico Guide To Budgeting Your Make Up Kit: Where To Splurge and Where To Save


Branded make up doesn't come cheap and if you are a make up beginner saving your wallet from weeping while you go around building your make up kit from the scratch is a tough task.  Here is a quick fantastico  list to help you decide which product you should be splurging on and on which product you should be cutting back.

Foundation - splurge
This is one product you should definitely splurge on . Getting the base make up right elevates the whole look. Most drugstore foundations have just 5 to 6 shades of a foundation and chances of you finding your perfect shade match is low, which is why spending on big brands makes sense. Visit stores like MAC, Clinque or sephora which has make up experts who can help you pick the right foundation with a formula, texture and shade to suit you best.
Suggestions : MAC Matchmaster Foundation , Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation and MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Eye liner - save
Even a basic black liner does its job well so you don't need to spend a bomb on them . Go for a drugstore liner which is long lasting and well pigmented and your job is done . 
Suggestions: Lakme 9-5 liner, Jordan's semi permanent liner and Maybelline hyper glossy liner.

Eye shadow - splurge
Eyes are the most sensitive part and when buying products for them I always make sure they are of high quality. Also cheap eye shadows which don't crease and have good pigmentation are difficult to find especially in Indian market.
Suggestions: Maybelline nudes eyeshadow pallet , urban decay pallette , Inglot Freedom System AMC Eye Shadows and Coastal scents pallette.

Moisturizer- save
A good basic drugstore moisturizer will have benefits similar to a high end one. For your face choose a moisturizer which suits your skin type and a moisturizing lotion for your body.  These days I am using Himalaya moisturizer, and brands like nivea, vaseline and  ponds have all worked well for me in the past
Suggestions: Vaseline healthy white, Nivea soft moisturizing cream and Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer

Concealer - splurge
A badly done concealer job can make you look ghastly and good low end concealers are hard to find. Spend on a good concealer especially if you have issues like dark circles, acnes or dark sports n scars to cover up.
Suggestions: Inglot AMC Cream Concealer and Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Lip sticks - a mix of splurge and save
I prefer my lipsticks to last long and be non drying. High end brands make the best formulated lipsticks and it is good to invest in them at least for shades which you will be flaunting more often . I have used long staying lipsticks from drugstore brands and they dry out my lips a tad bit too much, also they don't glide well . It is best to have a healthy mix of MAC, Loreal, Maybelline and lakme lipsticks in your stash.
Suggestions : Mac lipsticks, bobbi brown, Revlon colourburst and colorbar cream touch lipsticks

Lip gloss - save
Lip glosses just don't last long on lips even if they are the most expensive ones. This is why I am not into lip glosses anymore. Brands like Revlon, Maybelline and Colorbar have some good lip glosses in a wide colour range,  try them without opening your wallet too wide
Suggestions: Revlon colourburst lip gloss range is my favorite. Maybelline color sensational range and colorbar glosses are also good.

Make up brushes - splurge
Make up brushes are a one time investment and won't need to repurchase for years. The right make up tools will give you a peppy and flawless look, so splurge on high end ones
Suggestions: Mac, Real techniques and sigma.

Mascara- save
Mascaras need to be changed every 3 months as they dry up so going in for expensive ones makes no sense. Further mascara attracts bacteria easily, even with the high end ones so disposing off those tubes is an absolutely necessary. Opt for a drugstore mascara and experiment with new ones every three months.
Suggestions: Maybelline colossal mascara and Lakme eyeconic mascara.

Blushes - save
Most people prefer luxury products when it comes to blushes because their formulation makes layering a breeze but since I keep dropping my blushes I prefer to stick to cheap ones. Truth is if you have mastered the art of blush application even the regular blushes will look great .
Suggestions: Maybelline cheeky glow, NYX powder blushes, Anna Andere blush.

Use these tips for fantastico savings and get the right products at the right price. Know your makeup well. Remember that small things will go a long way in bringing out a peppy and gorgeous look for you! :)

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