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If you know me well you also know about my recent addiction to online shopping. These days I shop for everything from apparel to mobile accessories online . In fact with the recent boom of apps I have shifted from online shopping to app shopping which means I don't visit brick and mortar stores even for daily essentials and grocery. 

Shopping online is not only convenient but it is also rewarding, you get the best cashback offers, deals and discounts.  Indian eCommerce has grown exponentially and now you can buy anything you want just from a click of a button . The other day I actually found Snapdeal selling bikes and scooties online, I mean wouldn't you want to have a test drive of sorts before buying something that big?  Same goes with make up and perfumes, it is always good to test it in offline stores before buying but when I am tempted with whopping discounts, I give in and buy beauty products also online.

Cosmetic shopping online has gone horribly wrong for me many times because computer can't display the true hue of a beauty product . Also finding out if a make up product will match my complexion is an issue. I have ordered wrong shades of foundations and even some plum lipsticks which just don't suit me and now they lie in my drawer begging to be used ! But totally avoiding make up shopping online isn't possible especially with brands like NYX, Jordana, MUA, ELF and wet and wild which aren't easily available in India and have to be ordered online from international websites. 

After a lot of trial and error I have discovered some fantastico tips to shop beauty online, here I am sharing my experience with you:

Check for expiry dates on products which are on sale:
Most online discounts come up on products which will expire in a month or two. I brought a night cream from Flipkart on a huge discount of 50% and when it arrived I was shocked to find it expiring in 2 months, but I ended up finishing it in just one month so no regrets. There is no way you can use up make up in such a short span of time so paying attention to expiry dates is necessary. If the make up expiry date isn't mentioned then contact the customer care and find out.

Visit beauty blogs for reviews and swatches:
This is one thing I do even when shopping offline. I always do research for products I intend to buy and read up reviews on them. Majority of popular cosmetics have reviews online to help you choose the right shade. Beauty bloggers do in depth reviews so you can get an idea of how the product smells and the texture it has to make a well informed choice. Look for blogs of beauty bloggers who have skin tone similar to yours so you can buy the shade which suits her.

Buy from trusted sites:
 Product fakes are a sad reality and beauty products which aren't genuine can harm your skin.  I once ordered eyeconic kajal online and was surprised to see that it did not last even 30 minutes on my waterline. I realized I was sent a fake kajal . If the discount is too good to believe, the product is most probably fake. Avoid buying from sellers on ebay or Tradus and even when buying from Flipkart make sure the seller is trusted and has good ratings and reviews. I personally shop only from Amazon fulfilled sellers or WS Retail when it comes to beauty. For international beauty shopping I use cherry culture, beauty joint and Luxola.

Check for return policy:
 Most websites do not accept returns of beauty products . I understand that when a seal is opened taking back a make up product is not possible but a website should accept return of sealed products. Like the other day I ordered a grey eyeshadow and upon its arrival I realized it was more black than grey without even opening it ( It had a transparent lid). I contacted the amazon seller and they accepted return after deducting shipping charges.

Buy only selected products online :
While you may want to take the risk and buy almost every cosmetic online, I suggest you don't buy products like foundations, concealers and eye shadows without testing them out offline. Products like nail polishes, lip balms, black liners, blushes, mascara, sunscreen, BB creams are safe online cosmetic buys.

Test offline, buy online :
Yes I have done this. When I visited shoppers stop to buy a foundation, while testing different shades I also tested a lot of other products which I intended to buy in the future. I made a mental note of shades which suited me and shopped them at the next Nykaa sale. Cool na?! :P :D

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