Fantastico Things Only The French Can Do: Do It Like The French


I have always wondered what is it about French that makes them so, well, quintessentially "French"?
I have found many women stating they have a huge crush on French men, maybe they are oozing with too much sexuality or simply for the fact that they have a way with words ! But I have always known there is definitely more to it than physical characteristics alone.

Remember English Vinglish starring Sri Devi in the lead role? She had a soft spot for a French hottie and so did many of the girls at my college had the hots for him ! *SMH* Not to forget most of the Indian women out there dream of a honeymoon in Paris ( For instance Rani in the movie - Queen) Indians love France and the French! Not to forget France remains the ultimate destination for honeymooners in India!
There are many things that France excels in, be it tourism, luxury, their way of showing affection *ahem ahem*, delicious pastries or it being the place most famous for finding the best cheese in the world ! At present , the French talent for luxury has trickled down beyond Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, H&M or Dior. All of these make France an impressive country.

There are a lot reasons that the French do better than anyone else and that makes them Fantastico among all! The French are fantastic in cooking, kissing , high class living and designing the best clothes ! But there’s more to add to their ‘Fantastico’ label for there are a lot of things that French do better than the rest of the world! This sets them apart !

French Have A Way With Clothes
With world famous brands and Paris being the fashion destination they have a lot going on in the design department ! The French design the best clothes you’ll ever find on the whole planet!

Take Work-Life Balance Seriously Like The French !
They holiday, they party,they de-stress and they work hard too! The French are the ones who take their lives seriously balancing all acts with ease!

Cook It Like The French !
The French are fantastic when it comes to serving award winning exquisite cuisine.  As far as I know, its them who received more Michelin stars than any other country ! The French cook so good that almost all of the restaurants there have three-star rating. In the Michelin rankings the French worked hard and have got France on the top! 

What I like about the French *winks*

I have always wanted to fly to PARIS ! Delicious food, great pharmacy skin care, luxury makeup *mega sigh*, Haute Couture and all things romantic ! Undoubtedly France is Fantastic ! I have a couple of things I have always wanted to do like the French ! Here are a couple of things I am sure you would like to get it done the French way ;)!
  • Don’t we all want to be kissed like the French! *wink*
  • To speak in an accented English (Love the way Frenchmen speak English!)
  • Draw me like the French (Maybe :P)
  • And of course get perfectly groomed nails of a french manicure !
  • When in doubt use butter, like the French!
  • Croissants, macrons, doodling in diaries at cute cafes, reading a book by Eiffel Tower like the French ! (Yes, yes , yes! Please!)
Well haven’t I given enough reasons to state the French Fantastico? Also now I am craving some French Food ! Yummy!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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