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Foundation is the base for your makeup and getting its application right means your half work is done. For a foundation to look flawless and natural you need to use the right one . Today there are a variety of foundations with different formulas, finishes, coverage and shades available and getting the right one which suits your skin shade and type can get tricky. These fantastic tips will help you shop for a foundation which is your perfect match.

Know your skin type and choose a formula accordingly:

Foundations come in a variety of formulas and textures. There are gel based, liquid, cream, powder and even mousse foundations. If you have dry skin liquid foundation works best and oily skin beauties should try gel or mousse foundations. If you have oily even toned skin you just need light coverage so you can go for powder compact foundation which will help absorb excess oils. For combination skin you may need to use different formulas for different seasons. If your skin is sensitive then you should go in for mineral based foundation. I have combination skin and I mostly use BB creams. when I do use foundation I go in for liquid ones and dab a layer of powder compact to balance out things.

Decide on the coverage you want: Before buying a foundation you need to decide on what kind of coverage you are aiming for . The coverage you want can depend on factors like when you want to wear a foundation and how uneven your complexion is. If you plan to buy a daily wear foundation you may want just sheer coverage but if you are looking to use your foundation for events or wedding you should go for foundation which gives high coverage. Same way if your skin just has minor blemishes you don't need heavy coverage but if you have prominent dark spots you will need a foundation which gives medium or full coverage.

Take time in choosing the right shade:
A foundation which isn't close to your natural skin colour is total waste. I have 3 different foundations lying in my vanity box which are useless because they don't match my skin colour. I brought 2 of them online by checking swatches from beauty blogger reviews and one foundation I was forced into buying by a sales assistant at shoppers stop. So basically what I am trying to say is the most difficult part of buying a foundation is choosing the perfect shade and finding the perfect one has been quite a task at least for me. If you get this step right then you should jump in joy, no really! So how to choose the right shade? Follow these tips
*Always buy offline in stores where there are testers available. I brought online and regret it. Foundations can be repurchased online but never try to get fresh buys just by looking at photos
* Test the foundation on your jawline not at the back of your hand because have you ever seen a person whose back of hand and face has similar shade?
* If two foundation shades look similar and you can't decide which suits you more then try one on left and one on right jawline.
* After applying on your jawline check how it looks outdoors in natural light.  Store lights are very tricky and your foundation can look very different in natural light so don't hesitate and tell SA you will check your jaw outside before making the final purchase
*Take a sibling or friend along when foundation shopping, they will tell you if the foundation looks natural or not . Don't trust the sales assistant or even a mirror.
*Most foundations take time to blend in show their true color on your face, so wait for 15 minutes after tester application. Also some foundations can react with skin turning orange or give you instant breakouts, so definitely wait and see the results.
* Test foundation on moisturized make up free face to know its true colour. If possible go foundation shopping without wearing any make up or just ask the SA to give you make up remover to remove make up from jaw line .
*If you can't find a foundation close to your skin shade from a make up range try a different brand. I think it is best for Indian beauties to start of with lakme as they have shades closest to Indian skin tones.
*Head to the mall in broad daylight on a sunny day so you can easily check the shade outdoors
* click photos with the foundation on to check if it photographs well. Foundations with SPF reflect light so you should avoid foundations with SPF if you are selfie addict.

I hope these tips help you buy the right foundation.

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